3D Letter "D" Tutorial

Today we have Debb sharing another awesome tutorial.  This time is the 3D Letter D Box file #28783

Identify the pieces. There will be matching symbols cut into the tabs to help keep the top pieces and the bottom pieces together.

The SQUARES and DIAMONDS are on the narrower pieces and create the top. Match the ends and glue together. Continue gluing all the matching pieces.
(Note: the HEART and CIRCLE are the wider pieces and create the bottom.)

The last piece will connect to the first piece creating a loop and forming the outside of the letter.

The remaining piece will connect and become the middle of the D. Bend both pieces at the score lines.

The tabs on the inner wall fold out, and the tabs on the outer wall fold in. Attach the long side of the D first, then add glue and adhere the remaining tabs.

It may be easier to secure the tabs if you turn it upside down and press on a hard surface.

Then attach the inside of the D to the top in the same manner.

Add the decorative top and side panels.

The bottom part of the letter is constructed in the same manner, but the pieces are in reverse.

The finished letter D!

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