Print & Cuts, Equestrian & more sports

All right, finally finished a few equestrian designs as requested. Also, with the announcement of the printable heat transfer and a little change in the program, the "print & cut" feature has grown. I have also released a few more sport options and am working on a few more. Here is what is available or to come!

Here are two ideas of how to use the printable plumeria besides scrapbooking or cardmaking. Use it on a t-shirt to make your own custom tropical print!

So those all use the print and cut feature of the Silhouette. I just love Hawaii and hope that those designs help you to enjoy your memories as much as I enjoy mine.

Ready for summer!

 Here's a few shapes that are available or will be available in the Silhouette Store. Many are getting ready or have already graduated, and congrats to them! Soon we will be celebrating with our nephew. So now that school is out, lets look forward to summer! With summer in the United States brings Independence Day celebrations, parades, summer marching bands and lots of fun sports!
Also, still working on your requests, so keep checking back!


Edinburgh Castle

So I need some opinions. I created this digital die cut of Edinburgh Castle back in Feb. or March and put it on hold because I was having trouble figuring out if I was representing this gorgeous landmark well enough. Anyone who has been there or is from there, please let me know if it is to your satisfaction before I submit it. As usual, I value your opinions. Thanks!
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