Sneak peak of new 3D design!

Here's a sneak peak at the new 3D design I told you was coming.
Hint #1: it would be great for halloween but could also be used for autumn in general.
Hint #2: works great with the "charms".
Hint #3:
Any guesses?
Still working out a few bugs in the design but hopefully I'll have it submitted tomorrow and in the store by Friday!

New Hearthsewn Pattern available!

Hearthsewn Patterns has a new pattern available. I absolutely LOVE it! Check this out:

It's called Christmas Cactus Swirl. My inlaws live in Tucson, Arizona, so I would love to have it made for them! If you're interested in this quilt pattern by Jodi G. Warner, here's the link to her site: Enjoy!


Been working on this wildcat for awhile. I was having trouble making it look right, but I think it's turned out okay now.
New charms to come soon. There have been "family charms" requested. If you requested these, I'm wondering what your looking for. If you want stick figure family members, the text "brother, sister, etc.", or something else. Watch for ballet, beach and season charms soon.
New 3D design this week too! You'll be excited about this new one. It's a halloween one, but can also be used for autumn in general. (I have to wait for the hubby to get back in town to help me figure out how to make it work right.)
Also, Silhouette has released some new software so be sure to check out their blog for more info!

3D cupcake

New 3D design!
And here's my little girl just over a month old like I promised. Time sure flies.
My little angel!

Update and sneak peak!

I should have gone to bed awhile ago, but I thought I'd update you on a few things. We were going to head to the beach tomorrow but the blasted minivan broke down. Bummer, I was really looking forward to it. Oh well, that means I'm able to stay up a bit more and work on designs for you guys!

So according to the poll, majority says it's not too early for Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas designs. We'll see what I can dig up then. I always thought Christmas was a no no this early but if you'd like to see some then we'll do some. I personally don't have time to even think about Thanksgiving yet. I guess I should be planning ahead, right? Someday. For now, it's live in the moment and enjoy each day as it goes by.

Speaking of which, my little girl is just over one month old! Wow! How did that happen? I thought I just got home from the hospital. I'm trying to think if I have a recent picture of her. Hmmm...I'll have to take one and post it later.

Anyways, back to Silhouette related stuff. I'm working on your requests of realistic animals, charms and more 3D designs. If you would like to see a sneak peak of 3 designs coming soon, check out my facebook page. (I'm trying to get more "likes" on my page, can you tell?) Hint, I'll be using them for my neighborhood gifts this year and as decoration at a few parties.

So to beach :-(  ; watch for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, animal, charm and 3D designs :-)  ;  little girl is one month old :-)   ;  And there's a SNEAK PEAK on the Daley Designs facebook page!

School Days

I can say that some of my fondest memories happened in college. Of coarse meeting my wonderful husband was one of them. There were the crazy days in the dorms, football games, late nights (VERY late nights), good and bad roommates, papers, tests, and the numerous social events that happen. As everyone gears up to go back to school or are already in school, I'm jelous. I have many people tell me I'm weird, but I just have this thirst of knowledge. I'll get back to taking classes once the kids are in school in a few years, but for now, I'll just reminise.
I'm going to try to give you a freebee every two weeks. Todays is a pack of 4 college related phrases:

*The file manager I'm using can be a bit confusing to look at. Once you click the links above, you will want to click on the text that says "click here to start download..."
Don't click on the "download now" button, it will take you to something completely different. *

Also, if you haven't seen them, I've also designed a set of collegiate letters. They are sold in sets of 5 letters (except for set F thru K, which is 6 letters.) and are created from two layers. Collect them all!

New poll! Let me know what you think!

Let me know what you think! Do you want to see holiday designs now, or is it too early? Leave your comments and take the poll at the right.

A few requests fulfilled

I've been trying to fulfill some of your requests from here as well as those suggested on the silhouette site. For some reason I've been a bit scatter-brained lately (perhaps it's because I have 3 very acive toddlers under 4 and a newborn. Ahhhhhhh! I feel better now. ), so if I've overlooked your request or suggestion, don't be offended, just remind me again. The grandparents are flying in from Tucson, AZ today so I may not get to them right away (I love when the in-laws visit! I really do! My husband has the coolest parents!) , but I'll get to them as soon as I am able.
So, here are few of my most recent designs. Be sure to check them out today. IT'S THE LAST DAY of Silhouette's sale!

Enjoy! (New poll on the right side! )

3D pumpkin assembly tutorial

Here are the pieces you will create for the 3D pumpkin.
To start, take "A" and "B". Slide A into the top slot of B like this:

Set  it aside.
Next, slide "C" into the bottom slot of "D" like this:

Now, take the first set of A&B and slide it into the top slot of C&D like this:

We're going to put the rings on now. (both rings are the same on the pumpkin)
Slightly bend your inner pumpkin (A,B,C,&D) to fit it in the center of the first ring and slide the ring down to the first slot:
Also align the inner pumpkin so that it's edges fit in slots directly across from each other:
Do the same thing for the bottom ring.

This next part is a little trickier. You're going to spread the inner pieces around the circle to the other slots.
Looking at the pumpkin from the end of it kind of like the picture above, move the top two inner pieces on the left 90 degrees to the right.
Then take the bottom two inner pieces on the right and move them 90 degrees to the left like the diagram below.
Now move one inner piece from each group of two clockwise to fill in the rest of the slots around the circle.

In the end, it should look something like this from the top:
You're done!
If you have any questions or get confused, leave a note on my facebook page and I'll help you out!
The bat and spider are similar assembly but if you get confused, let me know.
Good luck and enjoy!

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