New designs:

Laei Hawaii LDS temple:

New Designs

Planets are finished. Here are the last two along with a surprise to go with them.

And here is the surprise, the space shuttle!


Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! My hubby has to work today, so we did our party on Monday, and had a great time with a few friends. Hope you all have a good time tonight if you're celebrating tonight!

So, I thought I'd show you the "leprechaun" feet that showed up all over our house. We're going to use some clues today to try to catch him, or at least his pot of gold!
Here is the stack, ready to dispurse. Our kids don't see this part of coarse. It's done while they are asleep.

I know, I still have a Valentine's quilt up in this picture. It has since been taken down and replaced with St. Patty's day. These little feet are available in the store. Unfotunetly, they don't show up under St. Patty's day. You can find them in my portfolio or under "feet" in the search box.

If you haven't seen this design yet, here's a new design of a couple different "Nana" phrases. These would be great on a t-shirt as a gift.
If anyone uses this or any other of my designs, I'd LOVE to see them. I'll feature a few here every week. Just email your photos to! Be sure to tell me your name and where you're from so I can give you credit.
One more thing on a St. Patty's note, Hearthsewn Patterns has just released a new pattern containing 3 different mini-banner wall hangings: a March St. Patrick's Day kite, an April tulip basket, and a May Mother's Day apron. Here's the link to that pattern and other new releases:

Here's my little girl saying Enjoy!

More from the Vault and new designs

Three new Chinese characters as requested:

And "From the Vault" are Sea World or ocean related shapes. (Unless we personally get permission, we can not design Licensed shapes. That would be why you do not see Disney, Dora the Explorer, or anything like that.)
So anyway, a few ocean related designs that are available in the store:

Easiest way to find these is to click on this link which will take you to my portfolio that contains all designs I have created for the Silhouette.

Chinese Characters

Planets are coming. There's been a little trouble getting them on the silhouette store, but they're coming! Until then, here are a few Chinese characters that should be available shortly.

I originally created these for a gift but thought you may enjoy them too, so here they are. If you like these, I can do more of them. Just let me know which character you're looking for!
And here is today's "Designs from the Vault". A collection of drinks for every occasion!


More "spacey" designs

Alright, I got a bit carried away with these next planets, so they seem little bit more complicated. They're not to bad. Jupiter may be a little confusing when you go to assemble but the others shouldn't be. I can create a demonstration on how to assemble Jupiter if anyone would like it. For now, here are the next ones to come.
If you're in need of something simpler than my designs, there is a great design by Nate Jenne. Here's a thumbnail and the link:

If you prefer "Print & Cut" designs, all the planets I've designed also come in a "Print&Cut" version.

Now, here's something new I'm going to start. I thought I'd show you one old design everytime in case you may have missed it.
Today's "Dig through the Vault" is a collection. Each of these "Hollywood" or movie designs is available in the Silhouette store.

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