Ready for some baseball?

Hi this is Lissa here to give you some snapdragon snippet creative team inspiration!  Today I have made something simple and cheap!  A dollar store cup, with the wrapped favorite sport around it.  Now this cut is bowed out so you will have to have an arch. I googled it and it said that Make the Cut has this wonderful feature to do just that!  This awesome feature is called Conical Warp in your shape magic.

Turing it around..
Here is the link to TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALL GAME if you want to try!  I love my cup.  My boy has been in school baseball and just joined the junior league so I am excited to take it everywhere with me!  
I hope this post has inspired you!  Make a fun cup for any occasion!  

Fathers Day Cards


Happy hump day all!

Esther here today to share a couple of great Fathers Day cards, although they could also be used for a birthday too!

First up is a super fun golf bag shaped card. I really enjoyed putting together this card, it is interactive , with a fun little pull out on the front of the card.

I made this card with design #60277, golf bag card “fore” father’s day.

I chose this patterned paper for the front to make it look retro. I actually have my grandfathers golf bag which looks very much like this!!

Here is a pic with the pull out:

And a pic of the inside sentiment:

If you have a golfer in the family this is a super card!!!

Next up is a delightful card for the car enthusiast.

It also has a envelope cut file.

The card is file #60423, big wheel card pop tab hub cap.
The envelope is file #60587, envelope stars flap 7X7 for box card.

You can either add real pop can tabs to it or there is a cut that looks like the tabs you can use.

Luckily for me I have a teenager in the neighborhood who happens to save these soda can tabs, so I didn't have to drink 8 sodas in a row to get them for my card. LOL

It sure makes a cute hub cap.

Here is a pic of the card by itself:

And the envelope by itself:

Either of these cards are sure to put a smile on your special guy's face!!!!!!

Teacher appreciation Box Card

Today we have Lisa sharing a box card perfect for any teacher.

File used - teacher appreciation box card

This is what Lisa had to say about her awesome box card.

Made with cardstock and applied with double sided tape and 3d dots.
The 3 stars I selected offset to get the outline in Silhouette
The crayon at the bottom is a button that I cut off the back to make flat and applied double sided tape to stick on.
Crayon Button - Bought at Michaels Craft Store
Using the lined cardstock gives you the space and is perfect for you or your child to write a special note for your teacher!

Dump Truck Tutorial

Today I am sharing a tutorial on how I put together the Dump Truck.

Base Box

These are the cut files/pieces.

TIP - This goes closest to the front.

BB 1- Fold at all perforated lines.

BB 2- Add adhesive of choice (I chose red tape because I will be placing candy inside box).

BB 3- Adhere side panel to base panel (without slanted cuts).

BB 4- Adhere other side panel to base panel.  Note: I turned around to adhere and then turn back.

BB 5- Flip over and adhere red tape (or adhesive of choice) to all tabs.

BB 6- Time to adhere the small or end panels.  I first adhered at bottom and applied pressure.

Next adhere at the sides applying light pressure at every step.

BB 7- Last step is to adhere the long tab at the top.  Remember that the shortest distance to the edge, or to my right here is the front of the truck or where the Truck Cab will go.
 Note: Those two tabs at the top are to be used to adhere the Truck Cab and the Truck Bed.


These are the cut files/pieces.

W 1- Fold at all perforated lines.

W 2- Adhere two of the long strips to each other applying pressure.  You should end up with four.
Note: remember to keep all the tabs to one/same side (these will be used to adhere to the Base Box).

W 3- You can start adhering tab by tab...
 ... around and around, and close at the end.
 OR close the strips together first, add adhesive to every tab...
 ... and drop in.  I found it easiest for me.  It is a preference.  Both ways work.
 I just applied pressure under each tab with my left hand's middle or index finger while at the same time applying pressure with my right hand on the "outside".

Note: you may add the rims or wheel accessories before forming your wheel or after.

TIP: At this point you may sand any rough edges or ink.

W 4- Time to adhere the wheels to the Base Box.

 Turn the wheels until the tabs match the slots.
Insert all four tabs.
 Add adhesive, fold and apply pressure.
 Side view.
Top view.

Truck Bed

These are the cut files/pieces.
The two on top are the added accessory for the two side panels that follow below.
The cut file to the left bottom of this picture is the bottom of the Truck's Bed.
The cut file to the right is the top of the Truck's Bed.
 Note: You can adhere the panels before or after. I chose before.
TB 1- Fold at all perforated lines.
 Down or against the panels.
 Down or forward.
The opposite side or in or towards you...

TB 2- Add adhesive and adhere side panels to top

 Apply pressure at each step and wait for adhesive to dry.
TIP: I really like Scotch tacky adhesive.  It gives you enough time to "play" but it dries quick.

TB 3- Add adhesive, fold or bend down and adhere.
 Add adhesive.
 Fold or bend down.
 Adhere.  Front or different view.
 Apply light pressure.

TB 4- Applying the bottom of the Truck's Bed.
 Note: if you are using pattern or textured paper, fold tabs accordingly.
 Apply adhesive on all three sides or tabs.  Place on table or solid surface and slide to center/front/middle.

 Apply pressure from both sides or with both hands.
 Bring both sides in and apply pressure to each side individually.

 You may apply a bit more of pressure.

TB 5-  Adhere Truck's bed to Base Box with Wheels.
 I added red tape and adhered to the back top tab of the Base Box.

Truck Cab

These are the cut files/pieces.

TC 1- Fold at all perforated lines.

TIP: You may add your accessories at this point or at the end.

TC 2-  Apply adhesive and bring together the "wing" to the tabs.
 Apply light pressure.

This is the top of the Cab

TC 3-  If you haven't folded at the perforated lines, do so now on the cut file without the "wings".
 Add adhesive and "insert" on the previously formed part.
 Apply light pressure until adhesive dries.
 Insert the bottom tabs and hold adding light pressure until adhesive dries.

TC 4- Add accessories.

TC 5- Adhere to the Base Box
 I used red tape.  Apply pressure.

TIP:  I first adhered the Truck's Bed and then lined up the Truck's Cab before adhering.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to leave me a comment.

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