ribbon wrapped box tutorial

The "Ribbon-wrapped box" is created from 4 shapes to give you the possibility of contrasting papers like I have done. I made my light blue shapes about 4 and quarter by 6 inches to give you an idea of the largest size you can fit on a 8.5x11 sheet when using only 1 sheet of each color.

The first step to assembly after you have all your shapes cut out is to use your favorite adhesive to connect the tabs of the dark blue to the sides of the light blue as shown.

 Repeat until you have this:
(Notice the the shapes with two slits alternate with the shapes that have one slit)
Adhere your last tab to the other end to create the box shape.

To close the bottom of the box, simple fold down the identical flaps as shown:

 Then fold the dark blue flaps down while tucking the tab inside the slit.

For the next step, I don't have a photo, so hopefully I can explain it. (finished photos at the bottom show this a little)
Feed your ribbon through the slits of the light blue tabs. You will want to make sure at this step that your ribbon is centered (equal length on each side.)
Then flip the box over. Wrap each side over the bottom. 

 Making them cross over each other as shown:

Pull tight and hold while flipping the box right-side up as shown below:

 Next feed your ribbon through the bottom slit of the dark blue. 

And then feed back the other way through the top slit on the same tab. Feeding through two slits is what keeps your bow on TOP of the box instead of under the flaps.  

 Repeat for the other side and you're ready to go. 

Great inspiration.

Designing is my life outside of motherhood. But, I usually don't get a chance myself to put my designs to work. So, when I see what others and what you wonderful fans and followers are able to do with my designs, it totally brightens my day!
Mod Paperie posted this wonderful photo on the SnapDragon Snippets FB page. Isn't it beautiful! 
This uses the Snowman Snowglobe digital diecut design from Nov. 23 last year. 

And thank you to Amanda Zoss for sharing her gorgeous ribbon box on the Daley Designs FB page.
This design was released on the 14th of December and is selling "like hotcakes!" Be sure to grab it too!

Oh, do I ever love to see what you create! You can post photos of your creations using my designs on the Daley Designs FB page, SnapDragon Snippets FB page or for those who don't use FB, you can email them to modaley2(at)msn(dot)com. (replace (at) with the @ symbol and (dot) with .)

3D Steg Assembly Tutorial

So I thought I had done a 3D Steg tutorial before but can not find it. So here it is again. This dino was released last year and would be a great addition to any dino party or decor. 
These are the shapes you should have cut. I will refer to each shape by the number shown in the image below.
To give you an overall idea of how these will go together, 5&6 will fit together, then 3&4. After that, we'll slide the pair 3-4 with the pair 5-6. Lastly, we'll add shapes 1&2. 1 & 2 are actually the exact same shape.

Okay, so to start, grab shapes 5&6 and slide together as shown. 
*To be sure that the legs end up in the correct position, be sure that the lower portion 6 (that the legs are connected too) is behind the lower portion of 5 as shown below.

Next, slide 3&4 together as shown. 

*Again, be sure that the lower portion of 4 (that the legs are connected too) is behind the lower portion of 5 as shown below.

This is what you should now have. I'm going to call the one with the dino head and tail 3-4 since it is made up of 3 and 4 and the other I'll call 5-6.  

It's now time to slide 3-4 and 5-6 together. 

The lower portion of 3-4 should be behind the lower portion of 5-6.  

To place the rings (1 & 2) on the body, you will want to be sure that the slots shown below line up.  

Slide one of the rings over the spikes on the tail and fit any of the slots on the ring into the lower tail slot.  
Should like the photo below. 

Now pull the ring up and over until the slot on the ring the opposite the one you already used is settled into the top tail slot. 
This photo below shows that we're using slots that are opposite from each other. 

Repeat the last couple steps with the last ring fitting it into the slots near at the head end. 

Now comes the tricky part. Carefully tug on the ring while gripping two layers of shapes. Our goal here is to nudge them around the ring to their own slots.  

I like to work one side of a layer and then the next and also work one ring and then the other so there isn't too much pulling on the rings.  

The photo below shows what I meant above by working on one ring and then the other, and then back to the other to reduce pull on the rings.

Once you've accomplished the task of filling each slot of the rings, you're almost done! You could leave your stegosaurus as is, but I think his stance is a bit wide for my liking. 

To fix this, simply bend the legs in a little, and your done! 

As always, if you have questions about any of this, leave a comment and I'll try to answer it best I can as soon as I see it. 

Photo Ornament Assembly Tutorial

This tutorial is for the photo ornament that first arrived in the Silhouette Online Store in November or December of 2010.

These are the shapes you should have cut.

Shapes above will be numbered as follows:
top row (Left to Right)- 1 & 2;
bottom row (left to right)- 3, 4, & 5.

I find it easiest to attach you photo before getting started. Just be sure you do not cover up the slots. Also, if you don't want your photo's edge showing on the back or you want the photo to be on both sides, you could cut double of shape #3 and sandwich them around your photo. Just be sure that they have been well glued or taped to each other.

First we're going to work with shape 3 and 5. Slip the bottom slot of 3 into the bottom-inner slot of 5 as shown below.

 Repeat for the top slots. (The top slot of 3 fits in the inner-top slot of 5)

This is what it should look like.

Next, we're going to slide the top slot of 4 into the top slot of our combined 3 & 5 as shown below:

Repeat with bottom slots. (slide bottom slot of 4 into bottom slot of 4&5)

This is what it will look like:

Next step is to place shape 1&2 on our 3-4-5 combo.  Take 1 (1 and 2 are the exact same shape) and slide the top side piece of the 3-4-5 combo into any slot of 1.

Next, slide the 3-4-5 combo's opposite top slot into 1's slot that is directly across from the slot you already used. It should look like this when done with this step:

Repeat with #2 and your bottom slots of the 3-4-5 combo. Once you do, it should look like this:

Now we just need to move 3, 4, or 5 into the empty slots. To do this, I find it easiest to move one side at a time as shown:

Then move the opposite side into place with it looking like this when done:

And now follow that last step with whichever shape is closest to your empty slots and your done!

I hope that made sense. If you have any questions, leave a comment and I'll answer it as soon as I see it. Have fun!

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