3D Tree assembly tutorial

Here are the pieces you will create for the 3D tree.

Part  1 - Stump assembly

To start, take "A" and "C". Slide A into the top slot of C like this:

Set it aside.

Next, slide "B" into the bottom slot of "D" like this: 
Now, take the first set of A&C and slide it into the top slot of B&D like this:

Line A-D up and fit your disk (E) into the slot.
Next, carefully spread A-D around the disk (E).
TIP: Looking from above, Take two from the 12 o'clock position and move to the 3 o'clock position.
 Next, move two from the 6 o'clock position to 9 o'clock.

Spread the rest out from there.
Set your tree stump aside.

Part 2 - Branch assembly

Reminder: Here are the pieces you will create for the 3D tree.

To start, take "F" and "G". Slide G into the top slot of F like this:

Set it aside.

Next, slide "H" into the bottom slot of "I" like this:

Now, take the first set of F&G and slide it into the bottom slot of H&I like this: 
 TIP: To line all four layers up, I slide my fingernails in the slots.
 Slightly bend your branch pieces (F,G,H,&I) to fit it in the center of the first ring and slide the ring to the top slot:
Do the same thing for the bottom ring.
Spread the branches around like you did the stump...and ta da! It should look like this: 

Part 3 - Tree assembly
Place branch part over stump. You want the tabs on the branches to be every other "V" section.
TIP: I get the back to two tabs where they need to be and then work on the front two. Seems to help.

Once in place, slide down together.

And you're done!

Here's my graveyard scene:



  1. I made this tree at 7.5" tall and it was a struggle to get the two rings around the trunk to fit. I took my time and gently nudged everything for about 15 minutes and it finally lined up. Phew! Definitely a challenge but worth every bit of it cause it is absolutely amazing!! I'm going to hang teeny spiders and ghosts from it with bits of thread for a Halloween decoration.

    LOVE this design!!
    Thank you so much for the step by step directions!

  2. I have not tried these designs that large.
    I'd love to see how it turned out!
    I'll have try it large to see if I can improve on future designs. Glad to see that the directions helped. As always, thanks for your comments!

  3. I don't think the design needs improvement at all! I used thin cardstock and just had to be reeeeally careful not to tear it while twisting the pieces into place. I'm gonna try thicker cs and make some at a smaller size too, heck I'm gonna make a whole haunted forest! heehee!
    Thanks again for your awesome designs!!

  4. This is awesome! I'm making a mini tree to hang mini hearts on for my girl's Valentine card tomorrow. Here's hoping she'll think it's cute, especially after all this effort!

    Thank goodness for your awesome tutorial!!!!

  5. I'd love to see how it turns out! Thanks for visiting.

  6. what an awesome idea! I'm looking for backup fall table decorations if sunflowers aren't still in bloom for an Oct 7 women's social. This is an idea I'm bookmarking.

  7. Im going to try it hopefully it turns out good


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