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We've had a lot going on preparing for the arrival of our 4th child, so my posts may be spaced out a bit more for the next little while. Here are the designs since the last time I posted the free downloads. I've created a new series of "Charms" along with a new stitching template of flowers. Also enjoy other random designs.


Bonus cut files for "love" and "vines" stitching templates!

By request, (a little later than I said I would, sorry about that) here are a few cut files to go along with the "Love" and "Vines" stitching templates shown on my previous post.

Bonus "Love" cut file (GSD file)

Bonus "Vines" cut file (GSD file)

*The file manager I'm using can be a bit confusing to look at. Once you click the links above, you will want to click on the text that says "click here to start download..."
Don't click on the "download now" button, it will take you to something completely different. *

For the "Vines" file, I've given you a shape that files the stitching lines exactly in case you would rather just paste a cut version on, and also a shape that is slightly larger than the stitching lines if you would still like to stitch the leaves and grapes.
The "Love" file just contains shapes slightly larger so an outline of the shapes can be cut and stitched. I hope that's not too confusing. If it is and you have questions about how to put the free regular cut files and stitch cut files together, feel free to ask on my facebook page by clicking HERE. Any problems with the files, please let me know too! Thanks for looking!

Love through the Grapevine!

New stitching template designs. These aren't available yet but will hopefully be soon! Also, flower stitching templates to come your way very soon.


Medic, medic! Here's some new designs!

For the quilters and the non-quilters! Hearthsewn Patterns has just released the new christmas stocking pattern for 2010! If you know someone in the medial field, this would be a great gift for them. Here's a picture of what you can make using machine paper foundation piecing, hand and dimensional applique:

In celebration of this fun stocking, I thought I'd do a few designs that go along with it:

Also, here's one design that I haven't shown yet:

This is the Angel Moroni statue that is found on the top of most LDS temples.
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