What direction to go next. Hmmm...

I'm trying to decide what items to put out there next for all of you. I've noticed I've kind of pulled away from the style I used to do of simple single or double layered shapes. I'm wondering what your opinion is or what you would like to see in the store.
Are you looking for layered designs, or one piece items?
Do you prefer complexity or simplicity?
Are borders what you're into now or objects?
If objects, what types? If borders, what types and sizes (wide, narrow, etc.)?
Would you like more flourishes, or are you all flourished out?

Leave your comments and we'll see where we end up. Thanks for your feedback and I'll try to take all comments into account!


Here are a few graduation designs that should hopefully be showing up this week in the store.
And here are the two designs that are already available:

Pregnancy! ...and morning sickness, yuck!

So crazy news to tell you and few designs to go with it. My blog should now be "4 under 4 and more...". Well, I guess the "and more" can cover the new bundle of joy on it's way to our home in August. Here are a few designs to go along with the fun of pregnancy and babies.


Quilts, Quilts, Quilts!

Speaking of quilting, here are some fun new designs for the quilter at heart. Each comes in a set of 4 quilt blocks.
I've also been thinking of doing some actual quilting templates. Is this something people would be interested in? Let me know. If I don't get a response, I'll assume it's not really a wanted item.

Are you a scrapbooking/cardmaking quilter? Then attention! Look at this!

Are you a quilter looking for a project to display for spring or summer? Try these adorable mini-banners by Hearthsewn Patterns. The are created using paper-piecing. Similar to scrapbooking and cardmaking, they also use embellishments like buttons and other dimensional accents. And check out those cute cross-stitched tags to go along with them. This is a great project for the scrapbooking/cardmaking quilter!
Just click on the photo for more information or here's the link: http://www.hearthsewnpatterns.com/NewReleases.html
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