Brookie fell on Feb. 4th but is doing much better today, Feb. 12th.

Thank you for you kind comments and for thinking of our little girl. She has blessed so much. It has been a rough week. Through all this though, I have good news. She is recovering. She was moved out of pediatric ICU a few days ago. She has a skull fracture across the top of her head and bruising on the left side of her brain. She also has some pulled ligaments between a couple of her vertebrae. Other than that, she just has a few bumps and bruises.
Within the last two days though, she has made great improvements. She is awake and alert. She has been smiling and every once in awhile, my husband can get a small little giggle out of her. She was taken off the ventilator on Tuesday. She also has slowly been able to get rid of her 3 IVs. She was able to drink a little bit of apple juice today which is a HUGE improvement from yesterday when she wanted nothing to do with food or drink. She has been able to say 1 or 2 words. The damage to her brain, unfortunately, is in the area that deals with speech. Because of this, it may be a little while before she is able to speak fully again. Walking is also going to take some time. Her right side has been weaker through the entire recovery because of the brain damage, but the doctor's believe that she will be able to recover for the most part.
Last week, when she was sedated and hooked up to all the machines, I never would have guessed that she would be to the point she is at now. My little Brookie has always been a tough cookie and fighter. She has been blessed by the many thoughts and prayers of all who love and know her and by many who do not know her. I feel so grateful that she is alive. I can not imagine life without my sweet baby girl. This has been a traumatic experience but has been a great learning experience of the mercy of God and that he cares.
Thank you also for your kind comments. The Silhouette fans are amazing!

My baby girl

Saturday around 5pm, my third baby, Brooke, (2.5 year old) fell from her bedroom window to the concrete below. She is better than she could be considering the circumstances, but please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. She has a skull fracture and a very swollen head, a little blood on the brain. We won't know if there is any brain damage for awhile. She is responsive and in stable condition. Right now she is just in a lot of pain. If praying is in your faith, she could use all the support she could get.
Thank you alll,
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