Pop Gun Penny Slider Card Tutorial

Beth from Beth's Beauties here, and today I am sharing the tutorial on how to create the pop gun penny slider card created by Snapdragon Snippets.  It is available in the Silhouette online store (#45884) and in the SVG Attic store as well.

The picture below is the layout of all the pieces included in the file.
This picture shows two options of assembly.   You can choose to use the three pieces with holes to attach twine to the pop gun or the ones without will still create the sliding action without having twine attached.  Discard the set you do not use.
To create the slider, you will need two pennies with a pop dot.  Make sure your pop dot is somewhat circular and it fits easily in the slot in the card front.  I had to cut mine down some.
Place one penny with the pop dot attached behind the card front layer.
Then center the second penny on the front of the pop dot, pressing them together firmly.
This is what the slider should look like from the side.
Place the card front layer face down and add foam tape over the entire back, making sure you stay far enough away around the open area so the penny can move freely.  I just used the negative space from my sheet of circular pop dots for this.
Flip the front layer over and attach it to the front of the card base.
Next, assemble the gun using the layout of the pieces visible in the first picture.  The picture below hows that I am using the pieces that will have the ball attached to the gun with twine.
I used 4.5"of chocolate truffle trendy twine to connect the ball and gun.  Add the ball to the penny with a glue dot.  This is what the ball looks like in the down position.
Here it is in the up position.
Add the wording and embellish as desired.  I used vinyl for the "that's some" wording on this card since it already has an adhesive back on it.  The other words I used thin foam tape underneath for a little extra dimension.
Here is a look at the completed card!
I hope you have a wonderfully crafty day!
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