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The results are in from the last poll about cranberry sauce.  And canned cranberry sauce just pulled it off 4 to 3.  Good game fresh we'll see you next year. 

Check out my new poll on the 3D objects I have a few fun ideas up my sleave but I want to know if what I've made so far is too complicated.

Snowglobe Tutorial

The snowglobe may look a little complicated at first but it is actually pretty easy as long as you realize that you have to connect the snowman first and then slide the top of the sphere together on each ring.  You will see below.  I labeled each piece as a letter to make it easier.  As far as A, B and C are concerned it DOES matter which order you go in.


 First take the three base pieces (F, G, and H) Stack F onto G then onto H.  That will give you the shape above as seen from the bottom.  This creates the base support.
 Using outer ring "I" (the largest ring), take the base support and insert the cut out on the side into 2 of the ring slots.
Bend the base support in the very middle to give enough room to enter the opposite side of one of the ring supports.  Initially you will probably have multiple base supports in one slot in the ring, that's ok.  It makes it easier to separate later.  Then separate the base support to place the base supports into the other two slots on one side.  This should allow you to make the middle one straight as seen above.

Next separate the base supports on the opposite side to enter the slots.  You will need to bend them slightly to get them to fit in.  Once in you can straighten the cardstock.  Now the base is complete.


First, paste the hat onto "A". Next grab piece "A" and "C" and insert the snowman of "C" into the gap of the snowman on "A" until the snowmen are matched up.
 Next slide the top of the rings together so that the slots match up at the top.

Now insert the snowman on B into the joined A C snowman.
Once it bottoms out slide the top of the ring together to fit into the top cutout.

Hold the ABC joined piece together as if they are on and bend it slightly along the cut lines in the snow man.  Place ring D (D and E are identical it doesn't matter which is which) into the two cutouts in the top of the joint section and ring E into the bottom two cutouts, to create what is seen above.

Separate the sides of the joint ABC to place them in the cutouts in ring D and E.  It's best to complete one side at a time so that the center can straighten out before you separate the other side.

Lastly repeat the last step for the other side to complete the sphere.
Lastly insert to cutout at the base of the sphere into the base.  It doesn't matter too much where, I usually like it to straddle piece F since it is solid on the top.
Viola!  You have a snow globe.  Unfortunately you'll have to stand in a snowstorm and shake hard to make the snowfall.  I couldn't figure out how to make that happen.  Any ideas?

Digital samples of Silhouette shapes

So enjoy my Silhouette, but with all the craziness of my house, I have a hard time actually sitting down and putting a page together. Since I'm always designing, I do most of mine digitally.
I use a great company called DSE or Digital Scrapbook Experts and combine there products with my own digital versions of my designs. So from time to time, I may show you examples of how to use some designs but in the digital version. I thought I'd share two Halloween layouts I did recently using DSE paper & designs and my shapes.
Bishop's Pumpkin Farm:
Silhouette shape: leaf_charms_C00665_17986
DSE paper and embellishments: Collect-A-Kit #20, Fall Festivities Kit
(also a few of my own not released to Silhouette)

 Pumpkin Carving:
Silhouette shape: graveyard_frame_C00671_17986

(also a free digital design, the swirly, from someone else. I need to find it in my files so I can tell you who created it.)

Winter wonderland 3D centerpieces

So I'm working on a new 3D tutorial tonight. It's for this wonderful design:

The snowglobe above and the snowflake ornaments below both use 3 interlocking shapes as opposed to four interlocking shapes that previous 3D designs have had. You may be able to put them together on your own if you have experience with our previous shapes, if not, stay tuned and I'll have a new tutorial for these two shapes for you!
Speaking of ornaments, here are some new lacey snowflake ornament designs that would be great added to a card or made up into ornaments for your tree. There are a total of 4 in the whole set. This is #2 and #3.

Well, here in the States, we are about to celebrate Thanksgiving where we express what we are thankful for and lots of turkey! What a great holiday! We don't have any family around and can't travel around holidays because of my hubbies job, so our Thanksgiving will consist of our three toddlers, my hubby and I and the new babe. I think we just might have a few leftovers.
So, here's a fun little turkey if you haven't seen him. He would be great as a centerpiece or slide a card in the slots that keep him together and create a placecard that is sure to get everyone's attention!

Happy Thanksgiving week and enjoy!

Lets talk stitches and free GSDs!

Alright, so I've been working on the lowercase for the stitching templates, and along the way, I realized it would really nice if I provided you with an outline of the stitching template as an option too. Here's an example of the lowercase "p" that I stitched up with two different colors:

The capitals do not have this in the files you buy from store. So here are the links to the GSD files of the outlines for FREE. They should fit around your stitching templates.
A-E outline cut file (GSD file)
F-K outline cut file (GSD file)
L-P outline cut file (GSD file)
Q-U outline cut file (GSD file)
V-Z outline cut file (GSD file)
1-6 outline cut file (GSD file)
 *The file manager I'm using can be a bit confusing to look at. Once you click the links above, you will want to click on the text that says "click here to start download..."
Don't click on the "download now" button, it will take you to something completely different. *

Speaking of stitching templates, I would love some feedback on them. Here are a few questions I have for you:

1. Do you think the holes are too large, too small or just right in comparison to the design?

2. Do you think I've placed the holes too close, too far apart, or just right?

3. When creating the templates around curves, the holes must be somewhat close, otherwise the design turns out very choppy. Do think the straights on these designs should follow the same spacing as the curves or be further apart?

I'm always trying to improve my designs, so I look forward to hearing your opinion! Also, some really fun designs to come this week. Stay tuned!

Let the mayhem settle down for awhile, I'm back!

It's been awhile. We went on a LONG week and half vacation hitting Las Vegas, NV; St. George, UT; Lehi, Holladay, & Murray, UT; and Boise, ID. Traveling that long with four little ones was a challenge, but we hit all four sets of great grandparents. What an accomplishment!
I guess my body just doesn't like that kind of stress, 'cause once we got home from vacation, I got sick. Yuck! I'm finally recovered though, and ready to give you some fun designs!

These will be coming out today! I made them for our Thanksgiving holiday, but they can be used for many different things. The Corn Cob placeholder would be great at a BBQ along with the pie. Anyways, enjoy these and watch for a freebie this week sometime!


(From the adventures of now "4under4"! can barely see the baby in my sling. :-) Our trip to Utah.)
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