3D Stiletto Tutorial

You are going to be so happy about what I'm going to say. At long last, there is a tutorial for the 3D Stiletto!
So I myself am in the middle of moving my entire household and just couldn't find a moment to create the tutorial like I had planned. I would like to say thank you, thank you, thank you to the amazing Denni!
One of my great blogging girlfriends has put a darling tutorial together for you. I am so excited with what she can do. Her creativity is absolutely amazing! I think you are going to be so inspired with what she does! I love everything she creates!
For the tutorial, follow this link to Starlight Studio.

I really wanted to show you the photo at the end of her post, but I think I'll wait to let you see her finished product for yourself. Even if you're not making it now, I would STRONGLY suggest seeing what she has done with this design. Absolutely amazing and such an inspiration!

Christmas Countdown Tutorial from Jodi G. Warner

I'm excited by the response I've received about helping with tutorials. The more I think about it, the more I think that we could put together a great team instead of one person going crazy like I already am. I will be choosing 2 or 3 in a couple days.
I am also looking for a few that would be wiling to create projects using a one or a few of the designs I've created. So, if you are interested in receiving the designs for free, and are willing to help with tutorials and design projects, leave your name and your blog or website address. I will go through them and let you know. in a few days.

In related news, I wanted to show you the first one in my design team. I talked about her earlier. Well my wonderful mom, Jodi G. Warner, finally has her blog up and running. I'll be sending you over there periodically for the great inspiration and tutorials she creates. If you are a quilter or want to be, she will also be focusing her blog posts on teaching different techniques and tricks of quilting. She has been teaching for as long as I can remember and has a lot of knowledge to show you. So what better blog than "NEEDLES 'N' KNOWLEDGE"! Already some great posts.

But for Silhouette users, you'll love this one:
A Christmas Countdown! (Click on the link to travel to her blog for the tutorial)
This uses the "12 Days of Christmas" ornament series.

An update

I thought maybe I'd better give you an explanation why I haven't been around in awhile. I'm not gone for good, just busy. You know how busy it was before with 4 kiddos, working, then Brookie's accident in February, other issues to deal with my 2nd son, and trying to run a household at the same time without any family close.

Well, we have this problem, that when life is busy, might as well make it crazier!! I guess that's why we had 4 kids in 4 years. You'd think we'd learn! Oh, and don't even ask if I'm preggie! :) I'm good with the 4 "sweethearts" we have. No, instead, we bought a new house! We're moving! And my oldest just started Kindergarten! And he just started soccer! And my husbands entire work schedule just got completely rearranged! Enough exclamation points? Yes, I am going crazy. ;)

So, for the last few weeks, I've been getting everything ready for my babe to start school in another school district, get the 4 year old set up with his special programs, figure out how to adjust to the hubby being home during part of the week and gone on the weekends and pack the entire house.
I haven't packed myself in a long time. Our past 3 moves have been transfers from my hubby's employers, so we've had a moving company. Now I'm on my own and don't know what the heck I'm doing. Ummm...I think I've made it to about 20 boxes packed. This is going to take awhile.

Last time we packed ourselves, we were moving just the hubby and I from our tiny little 500 square foot apartment in college to Cali. Now it's an entire household. Oh my! Breath...breath...breath. Okay. I can do this. Maybe!?

I have a proposal to make to one of my wonderful Silhouette fans that is willing. I need help. I love making these creations for Silhouette. I have so many fun 3D ideas. But as you can see, I'm lacking badly in staying on top of the tutorials. For one of the Silhouette fans, I will send you every 3D design I create for free. You part is to create an easy to follow tutorial for assembly with photos and text. Or if you are technology savvy, a video. (Really wish I knew how to do video myself!) I will need it in one week from the time I send you the file. 
So, if you feel you are up to it,

  • Leave your name.
  • Leave your blog or website address

    ---If you don't have a blog or website but are still interested---
  • Create a sample tutorial of any 3d shape and send it to info[at]snapdragonsnippets[dot]com (substitute the "[at]" for the "@" symbol and the "[dot]" for a period ".")
While I'm updating on everything else, for those who are interested, I thought I'd update you on Brookie. For anyone new reading my blog, we had a horrible event happen in February. My 3rd baby, Brooklynn or Brookie as we call her, fell out her second story window onto concrete. She was 2.5 at the time. She suffered from a traumatic brain injury and was hospitalized for almost a month. Or maybe I should say "only" for a month. In a little over 3 weeks, she went from a vegetable state that we didn't think she would recover from to almost her silly, bubbly, talking, running self.

We've had our rough days since then that many of you have read about and we still have a few of those. But...a few days last week, my husband pointed out what I had been noticing. Her sparkle was back.

Before the accident she was the brightest eyed little blonde girl with so much life, energy and pizzazz. This little girl cheered up all around her. She cared about all. She loved to entertain. She LOVED to make people smile.

After she fell and slowly recovered her ability to eat, and talk and walk, her eyes were not the same. You've heard the phrase:

There really is something to the eyes. Brookie is doing amazing. I think back to the horrible month. It is unbelievable how well she is doing. She is going to start dance soon, she says the funniest things, she runs and plays. And, she gives the best hugs! 

Photo: "Z" end is here! Just finishing up editing the thumbnail photos for the last of the 3D letters. The long awaited moment is here! I'll submit them tonight. If you don't see the rest of the 3D alphabet boxes in the store tomorrow, bug Silhouette to release them in the store.

Now I want to see what you create with them!

Another scare from Brooke.

Hello friends. It has been a hectic last week. The hubby's schedule was changed and work, and that means our schedule at home changes. Hopefully it's for the better.

I was sure glad he was home yesterday. We had another scare. I'm still reeling from it even though nothing actually happened. I was taking a call on the first floor of our home and for some reason, glanced upstairs. I screamed, dropped the phone, bolted up the stairs faster than I thought possible. My little Brookie, the one who fell 15 feet in February and had the most remarkable recovery after her brain injury, had climbed our banister and had her stomach on the railing leaning over.

I don't know exactly what transpired, because it really was all a blur, but I think my screaming startled her enough that she dropped back down to the landing instead of over the other side where she would have fallen at least 15 feet and been hospitalized at the least. When we left the hospital the first time, they said that her recovery was truly a miracle, but that a second head injury would be very hard to recover from. They also mentioned that traumatic brain injuries usually emphasize behavior. So if they are cautious before, they will be even more cautious. Or in Brookie's case, if they are daring before, they will be even more daring.

This girl has me totally stressed and wiped out. With 4 kids in 4 years, I can not be at her side at all times. We can not bubble wrap our kids, though we'd like too. Since her accident, we have found her climbing back up into her window sill. I refuse to open any of the windows on the second floor since the accident, but it still frightens me that perhaps she'll lean hard enough or hit the glass hard enough to break it. These are the awful thoughts that cross my mind when I see her window. For the first couple months after the accident, we made her wear her bike helmet everywhere. But you just can't live like that. I ripped apart inside with wanting to protect these precious kiddos in every aspect but knowing that they also have to be kids and have some fun. I am scared to death of losing one of them. Oh, Brookie...my precious baby, please realize what you're doing to mommy. My fibromyalgia is acting up tonight so I suppose I ought to get some rest. Thank you for letting me relieve some thoughts. Good night.

R is for Raspberries and S is for Scrumptious Strawberries!

Hello all! We we're back from our long weeks of travel through Utah and Idaho. Saw lots of friends and family and did a lot too. Still recovering from traveling for hours with four little kiddos, but soon, we hope to be back to normal.
My girlies from high school. Been a year or so since I saw them. So fun!

Also, was without my beloved Cameo, so since I've returned, it has been running like mad almost 24/7. The entire set of alphabet boxes are almost complete. You will see up through "T" in the store shortly. Followed by the rest of the alphabet next week! Yay!
When we returned from our long vacation, we found these yummies in the garden. As the title says, R is for Raspberries and S is for Strawberries!

If you haven't tried a Golden Raspberry before, find one! They are heavenly!

Here's a preview of the letters this week:

And a preview of one to come next week:

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