Candy Dispenser Tutorial

This tutorial is for the cut file found in the Silhouette online store
To make this box, you must purchase file #26692
These files can only be use with the Silhouette cutters. If you are interested in this file for other cutters, please contact us at info(at)snapdragonsnippets(dot)com. 
Please do not share this file. Thank you!

These new boxes are a little different than earlier ones in that I've included contrasting shapes if you'd like them. They inset about a .25 inch if cut to original size. When your design comes into Studio, it will be set up as follows:

*CONTRASTING SHAPES are grouped together at the top. (These are labeled with a "C" for contrasting, and then the shape they correspond to. 
For example: "C-1a" corresponds to the first panel of shape "1". And "C-L1a" corresponds to the first panel of "L1".) 
If you are not interested in adding a contrast to your Tea box, just select and delete. (In some versions of Studio, you must ungroup the design at least twice for it to work. Not sure why, just one of those flukes I guess.)
*LID SHAPES are in the grayed area on the bottom left. Labeled in the diagram with an "L".
*SHAPES FOR THE BODY of the box are what remain in the middle.
Now to get started, I crease all folds toward the inside before I even begin assembling.It makes things easier as I go along.
1. So to start with grab shape "L1" and "L2". connect tab as shown in the second photo below. Be sure that the large flaps are all on the same side. (We'll use these in the next step, so if you aren't sure which flaps I'm talking about, you may want to scan ahead. Also, in the 1st photo below, they are the bottom flaps.)

Connect the opposite tab of "L1" to the other side of "L2" to create a square ring. 

2. This is where we use the large flaps. Once you have your "ring" made, simple fold the large flaps inward and secure with adhesive. The purpose of these is to reinforce our opening. If you don't like them, cut them off. But I think it makes the box sturdier and the lid slide on and off more smoothly.

This is what you should have at this point:

3. The last step in the lid is to fold the available square from "L1" down, and then adhere the cap (L3) centered on the top.

And your lid is done!

1. To start, adhere the long tab of "2" to the long side of "1" once again, making sure that your large tabs are on the same end for both pieces. 

Like the lid, adhere the other long tab of "2" to the other side of "1" to create a ring. 

2. Just like on the lid, once you have your "ring" made, simple fold the large flaps inward and secure with adhesive. You should now have this:

3. Now you will need to add the bottom of the box. Take what you've done in the last 2 steps and add "3" to the tabs you have still available on the bottom as shown: 

3. Next, tuck the dispenser sides inside and into the slits on the sides as shown below. 

2. Once "3" is in place, all you have left to do is add cap "4" centered on the bottom. 

Slide on your lid and you have now made your candy dispenser! 
This still looks a little plain to me.
To finish, adhere the contrasting pieces to their respective panels. 

And you have your beautiful candy dispensing box ready to be filled with those yummy treats.

~Paper used in this demo is from Bella Blvd's "Spring Flings and Easter Things" line. See more from Bella Blvd HERE.


  1. Thank you so much for the tutorial, I bought this box as soon as I saw it and can't wait to assemble some! We're going to make one for my 8yr olds vanity and put cotton balls in it, one for DH's desk at work with candy, etc etc etc such a cute / fun shape!

  2. Okay, I have a one track mind. I made a candy dispenser and only thought candy. But now that you've mentioned the cotton balls, I can think of hundreds, well maybe not hundreds, but lots more fun ways to use it. Thanks for your comments Candi! Always fun to hear from you!

  3. Oh you know I LOVE the 3D stuff! I can't wait to try these new ones - thanks for the fantastic directions and the pics. Visual folks like me really rely on those. :)

  4. This is a fantastic dispenser! Thanks for the heads up over on the Silhouette Plus forum.

  5. Hi,
    Someone had made the candy dispenser box with a Lili of the Valley stamp used with it. Anyway, after seeing that, I had to look up the candy dispenser box on Silhouette; and of course purchase it.

    It is so cute. Now I just need to get it together.

  6. This is awesome.Love your 3 D projects

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  10. Thank you so much for this tutorial. I assembled the dispenser with no problems at all. Much appreciated.


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