3D Cornucopia

This is a tutorial for assembling the 3D Cornucopia die cut that can be found in the Silhouette Online store. For more information about the Silhouette Cameo and other products from Silhouette, click HERE.

To start, cut your body of the cornucopia. 
I cut mine from medium weight brown cardstock. Light weight also works great for this design.
*Because there is such a tight curve at the end of the cornucopia, I suggest that you stay away from really heavy cardstock. Otherwise your paper will crease instead curl.
The two halves of the cornucopia are almost identical. The differences being that one of them has a long tab that stretches the length of the cornucopia and then only half of the small tabs on each horizontal strip.

Apply adhesive to the underside of the shape with the small "half" tabs as shown in the photo below. 
Glue the two halves together.
Line the small half tabs up with the full small tabs. You should be able to see the half tabs on the correct side of the paper. This will be important later on.

Curl your cornucopia.
Next, to help create your cone shape, you will want to put some curl in your cornucopia by pulling and rubbing it on the edge of a table as shown below. It's kind of like curling ribbon with scissors except that the table edge is your scissors and you're curling the paper around the small point.

In the end, you should get a half cone shape like above.

 Shape cone point.
To further shape the point of the cornucopia, form it around the tip of pen or pencil. 

Along the edge of the long tab are a couple of what look like far spread perforations. These are guides for glueing the two remaining ends of the cornucopia together. They are NOT a fold line, just guides. 

Start to make your cone shape.
To start to create your cone shape, start on the wide scalloped end. Line the non-tabbed side up with the "perf" cut lines that were mentioned above. 

Once you have that last step done, you are to the hardest part of the whole assembly, forming the point of the cone!
Finish connecting the two sides above 
all the way to the point. 
You will most likely have to squeeze your fingers through the slats to hold the seam together until it dries. I repeat, this is the most difficult part. If you can get this, the rest can be done. 

This is what you should end up with. 

Create the curve of the Cornucopia.
Now to start to form the curve of the Cornucopia. Apply adhesive to the tab closest to the point. It is very important that you start with the this tab, otherwise you won't be able to put the pressure on the connection to get it to stay. 

Attach tab to next ring.
When I mentioned above that you needed the "half tabs" on the outside, this is the reason. You will line up that center line with the center line of the ring next to it. Reach your finger through the next slit to hold the joint together until the glue has dried. 

Repeat with next tab.
Continue with next tab, adhering it to the next ring. All the way down to the last slit.

Repeat for every tab. 
This is your basic cornucopia shape.

Keeping the Cornucopia upright.
One last thing to complete the basic shape. There are perforation lines on the bottom of the largest three rings. This is to help form the cornucopia to stay upright. Crease these perforations by holding the cornucopia or place it on the table and press from the inside.

Ta Da! Basic shape complete!

Because of the length of this tutorial, I've decided to split it into two parts.
Part 2 will cover the accent shapes and final touches.
Please click HERE to go to PART 2 of the 3D CORNUCOPIA TUTORIAL.


  1. Hi Kenzie. Congratulations on being this week's featured designer on the Silhouette Blog. We're singing your praises over on the Silhouette Plus forum, too, if you want to stop in and say hello. :)

    1. Ah, thank you Kelly! It's an honor to have a compliment from you. You do such beautiful work! It's been awhile since I've been to the forum. I'll have to stop by tomorrow. I've been sick for the past 3 days, so it's off to bed I go. Thanks again!

  2. Kenzie, the link on the Silhouette store file isn't working:


    Just sayin'...My Essie (Silhouette Cameo's name) is cutting out the decorative part as I type! Can't wait to put this together.

  3. Great photos and step by step's. One thing I found easier, though, was to start gluing the center under seam at the point instead of the opening end. Your photo of the pen inserted to firm the tip around is wonderful. I just went ahead and applied adhesive at that time, then worked along the edges toward the wide part.


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