3D Topsy Turvy Denni Cake tutorial

This fun uneven cake box is actually two boxes in one.  The second tier and the bottom tier both open up. The flower is sold separately and is perfect for a candle. Below is the tutorial.  This tutorial also works for the basic cake box as well.

First glue the all of the the symmetrical  pieces together with the middle tab as shown above.  There will be 5 pairs to match and glue.

Glue the other tab to form a circle for each pair.

Starting with the smallest circle. Glue on the matching octagon starting on one end.  All the first to dry then move on 1-2 tabs at a time.  This will form the top tier.

Next fold the bottom tabs of the top tier then fold them back to normal.  Notice the triangles that will need to be lined up to assemble properly.
Find the octagon shown above that has the triangles and circles.

Ensure to match the corresponding shapes.  As shown above do not match the 1 triangle to the 2 triangle or it will be a leaning cake.

Match tabs,insert through and glue down, to complete the top tier.

Find the ring with the circles.  Match the circles and glue down the tabs.  To form the second tier box top.

Find the X octagon, match the "v" and insert the tabs from the 2nd tier box bottom.

Glue down tabs.

The bottom will insert into the top of the box as shown.

Match the Xs and glue the tabs to form the second box top.

Form the bottom box and glue the large octagon.  Start with one tab then glue round 1-2 tabs at a time to form the base.

Viola you have the completed boxes.  Now you can add the optional accent pieces to all layers.  Fill it with anything you want.  Perfect for birthdays weddings, anniversaries or any other occasion.

Kiddo LDS Conference page

For those who are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, here is a quick coloring page I came up with today to help keep the kids busy and listening during Conference today.

3D Rose & Tulip Tutorial

The Rose and Tulip have a lot of similarities.   Start with the largest petal ring first and insert the tabs into the  hole on the adjacent petal forming a bowl.

This picture shows the different sets of petals for the rose.

The piece above is the stem.  Form it by rolling the rectangle part shown on the right up above.    The goal here is to form a tight roll so you may have to roll it a few times.  The long thin part to the left is kept straight.

Once rolled tightly.  Check the hole on the petals  to make sure that the stem fits into the hole.  Once rolled glue in place.

Fold the long piece along the dotted lines.

Form a tri-fold which will be the top part of the stem and hold the petals down.

Insert stem through the smallest petals.  Ensure the tri-fold is on the inside.  

Insert other petals onto the stem from smallest to largest.

Form base cone, by curling it then gluing the edge that overlaps.  Be sure to  the gap at the tip of the cone to insert the  stem.

Slide base onto the stem and press up against the petals.

Add leaves by gluing the base of the leave onto the stem.   Once attached fold down.

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