A is for apple and B is for Brookie!

Wow, what a week! Brookie's appointment last week went well. Her development seems to be back on schedule! There are a few behavioral issues we continually have to work around, but so far so good. She's back to being ahead of schedule on her verbal and cognitive development. Yay! My smarty pants is back.

My girls were goofing off in front of the camera. They are almost 2 and 3 and already can show so much personality. They are such little divas. I have so much fun with them. I hope they stay my best little friends!

So this week, we had swim lessons everyday and doctor's appointments "out the wazzoo!" We had a scare on Tuesday. Once again, we were in an ambulance on the way to the emergency room. It turned out to be just a febrile seizure, but still scary. We were worried when she was unresponsive that it was a in connection with her brain injury, but we were lucky.

The ER doctor's weren't sure what the fever was from but we now know after a doctor's visit yesterday. It's hand-foot-and-mouth disease or Herpangina.Yuck! I'd heard about it before and thought it was something really serious. Turns out it's not and is going around like crazy here right now. Just have to let it run it's coarse. Probably picked it up at the gym daycare.

So one thing about having 4 kids within 4 years. When one kid gets sick, expect to have 3 more sick kiddos. Yep that's what has happened! The two year old had a fever Monday, Brookie had her fever scare Tuesday and now the 5 year old is upstairs in bed with a fever too. Oh, the 4 year old...he's destined to get it too. The hubby caught him chuggin' down the 2 year old's juice today. Trying to keep them from drinking each other's sippy cups is a losing battle that I have for the most part given up on. I'd have to follow each kiddo around the house all day. There's 4 kiddos and one mommy. Not happening. Oh, fun thought with that, if only I could split myself into 4 mommies. Then it would happen. Well, while we're at it, I think I'll split myself into 10 mommies. Think of all the things I could accomplish! Now that's a dream!

Okay, so among all these doctor's visits, chores, swim lessons and fun with the kids, I have been busy getting the letter boxes perfected for the Silhouette users. And PERFECTING is the key word. I think I cut about 20 prototypes of the letter D box.

(do you see how many D's there are?! Some of them I didn't even bother putting the straight piece on as soon as I figured out they were wrong.) 

The blasted curves would be off and then I'd fix it and they'd be off the other way, and then I'd fix it and then they'd be off the other way, etc, etc. I have spent every moment I'm not with my family on the dang letters. Many nights up to 2 or 3am. I really truly hope these are enjoyed by all. They will be a lot easier to put together than the others, but they took a lot more time to create a pattern. 

As a special treat to my fans, I'm giving a preview of a few of the letters coming out this next week. "A" and "B" will be there too. I just didn't add them to the photo. I can't show you everything or you wouldn't have any surprises to look forward too.

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