Winter wonderland 3D centerpieces

So I'm working on a new 3D tutorial tonight. It's for this wonderful design:

The snowglobe above and the snowflake ornaments below both use 3 interlocking shapes as opposed to four interlocking shapes that previous 3D designs have had. You may be able to put them together on your own if you have experience with our previous shapes, if not, stay tuned and I'll have a new tutorial for these two shapes for you!
Speaking of ornaments, here are some new lacey snowflake ornament designs that would be great added to a card or made up into ornaments for your tree. There are a total of 4 in the whole set. This is #2 and #3.

Well, here in the States, we are about to celebrate Thanksgiving where we express what we are thankful for and lots of turkey! What a great holiday! We don't have any family around and can't travel around holidays because of my hubbies job, so our Thanksgiving will consist of our three toddlers, my hubby and I and the new babe. I think we just might have a few leftovers.
So, here's a fun little turkey if you haven't seen him. He would be great as a centerpiece or slide a card in the slots that keep him together and create a placecard that is sure to get everyone's attention!

Happy Thanksgiving week and enjoy!


  1. OHMY! These are amazing!! I love the turkey, when my dd comes home from college this week we are making it together, and the snowglobe may be next if it's avail before she heads back to school. WOW Kenzie, you sure have a knack for these designs, LOVE 'EM ALL!! :)

  2. OMG Love them, is there any way that you could make other center pieces for the snow globe?

  3. Snow globe is now available!
    Angela, At the moment, there is an evergreen tree snowglobe in the works. What else would you like to see?
    Also, if you have any questions about assembly ask away whether on here or my facebook page. I'm constantly on the computer, so I could probably have an answer back to you right away.
    Denni, I'd love to see how your turkeys turn out. The picture I took doesn't do the little guy justice.
    Thanks for the comments!

  4. I don't think you need to make a whole new snow globe just center pieces for them, rein deer, love birds, hearts, Mr. & Mrs Clause, North Pole house with sign, hey how about a train with a rail road crossing sigh I think that would be totally cute, what ever you can put in a snow glob dose't even need to be a winter theme.
    You are amazing 4 kids under 4 and a wife a Graphic Designer and all the other stuff you do what ever that may be, and if I remember correctly you move every two years....WOW totally amazing.

  5. Kenzie just to let you know. I also had 3 children under 3 years old. 2 of my children were born in the same year. I am now 61 and made it thru still married to their father and all the kids survived along with us (sometimes it got hairy) but hang in there you will survive it. And you get to go thru all the childhood ailments at one time (I did) My kids are now in their 40's. I was the opposite of you 2 girls and a boy who was the middle child. Just wanted to say you will make it thru and be stronger on the other side. BTW Love your work.


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