New Years confetti

Here is the New Years confetti that will be coming out shortly. This would be great to dress up the table of your New Years party or to let the kids throw at midnight (if you're okay with the mess). I cut it out of the cardstock I had at the moment, but it would be great out of a metallic looking paper. Be sure to get the Christmas Confetti for your Christmas Party too! It's already in the store.

The New Years confetti comes with "Happy New Year", "2009", "2010", star, confetti shape, streamer, circle, noise maker, and two welded champagne glasses. That's 9 shapes! You could also ungroup the design & enlarge the shapes you wanted.
Also, I was going to put a picture of the pattern from Hearthsewn Patterns that I talked about earlier, so here it is:

If you are into quilting, these are beautiful patterns for wallhangings, stockings, lap quilts, etc. There are even a few premade items. For example: this gorgeous table runner for only $30 called "Rosebuds and Blossoms".
Visit for more info and to see the rest of Jodi Warner's patterns.

Now to more coming designs. this is what I've come up for Niagra Falls. I tried making it just one layer and I couldn't really tell that it was the falls.

 I've also designed some simple welded one piece tourist site titles. Here are a few of them.

Leave a comment of which tourist attractions you are looking for and I'll try to work them into the schedule as soon as I can!


  1. Thanks for the attractions!
    It's Zion though, not Zions (in Utah).

  2. Thanks for the comment. We always called it Zions for short of Zions National Monument at our house. I'll be sure to check official spelling from now on and I'll also try to see if I can get it fixed in the store. Thanks for the catch and thanks for whoever caught my mispelling of "Niagara Falls"!


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