New building designs to come!

I'm excited a few of you have visited!
Here are a few designs that will be coming out next week.

Did you notice the picture at the beginning of this post? It is the  left over "scrap" from a sheet of Christmas Confetti. I still haven't had a chance to make it into anything yet. I stay a bit busy with 3 kids under 3 years old, if you can imagine that. Also, if you're planning a New Years party, don't forget to purchase the New Years Confetti that will be out shortly!

Also, thank you Laura, for your suggestion. A note about when you submit a suggestion on the Silhouette Site. We are able to look at your suggestions that you request on Silhouette, but after there are so many, the old ones fall off the list. We can't get to every suggestion, so the older ones may be forgotten. The best thing to do is just keep requesting it till you get it. We are all trying to keep up the best we can, but we do appreciate your suggestions. One other thing, if there is a design that you would like in a certain style, by a certain designer, put that on there also if you have room. Some of us have emails or websites. You can also request things through those.
As Alsways, Enjoy!


  1. Firstly...thanks so much for my Big Ben at last :). That was officially rule...and my daughter thinks so too. And I requested it from you directly because I like your building designs. I'm sure I'm not the only one who will enjoy the Big Ben.

    Also...I basically figured there was only so much room to view suggestions on the Silhouette website, another reason to request directly. I don't know if only a few come through every day, or dozens, or hundreds. I figure I'm a little fish in a big pond, but as your mother always told you, it never hurts to ask!

    Another thing...I'm not LDS but I'm sure those that are, are happy to have the different Temple designs. Just try finding that for a Cricut machine hehe.

    Thanks again and Happy Holidays,


  2. Laura, I'm glad you enjoyed Big Ben.
    We do get quite a few requests every day so it is better to ask directly. That's not a guarantee that we'll be able to get it out there right away, but it will get on the list sooner. If we don't check the requests through Silhouette a couple times every day, we may miss some. Plus we have to pick and choose since we can't accomplish every single request. If you don't get what you're looking for, just keep asking and it'll get noticed.
    Keep those requests coming!


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