Christmas confetti created by you! With your Silhouette!

And the sneak peek...I'm hoping everything works out and we're able to make this available quickly. It still has to be approved by's....CONFETTI! Each design comes with confetti shapes already arranged to fit on an 8.5 x 11 sheet. (This doesn't mean the shapes go all the way to edge, you still need room for the rollers and margin.) It gets even better. Once you have cut your shapes out, your "scap" can be used for backgrounds, accents, whatever your heart can dream. I had intended to design it just for the confetti. Once I cut mine, I was amazed with how beautiful the "scrap" was. I will be using this for my neighborhood gift tags or something like that. As soon as I have it finished I will post a picture. I would love to see what you are doing too! Email what you have done to and I'll post a few of them.
Anyway, here are the photos:

Christmas confetti in use. *If you like the stocking, you can check out Jodi G. Warner is the women behind Hearthsewn Patterns. She does some amazing things. She is pretty famous in the quilting world through the Utah area. Every year, she comes out with a new "Bear..." stocking. These are darling stockings that always have a pouch for a stuffed bear that she gives directions for. I'm not sure if the stocking in the photo is for sale as a pattern, but if you like this, you're sure to like the other things she sells. One you are sure to adore is "Christmas Wishes". Here's the link:  and look for "Christmas Wishes" HSN 185. It's a darling wall quilt with a gorgeous dove and the words "Merry Christmas. It may be too late to make it up for this year, but why not work on it for next!

Anyway, now that I've given you my little buzz on her, on to the next confetti picture:

I was halfway done pulling off the confetti, and thought you might want to see a little peak of how the template is set up. See that white space...won't that make a gorgeous lace? I'll post a picture of the actual "scrap" tomorrow, so stay tuned.

And here are what the individual shapes look like. Again, these are arranged in the template to just about cover your cutting space on an 8.5x11 sheet. That's a nice amount of cute confetti without much cost!

Alright, so don't forget to answer the previous questions, send me pics of what you've done, and...oh yeah, take the poll on the right!


  1. I am entirely too excited about your Christmas confetti! It's cutting out right now. I needed some confetti for a gift I'm mailing and I thought I'd look in the Silhouette store. So happy to have found yours! I hope you consider making other themed confetti!

    1. This was such a fun comment to get! Thank you Martha! I created the confetti back in 2010 and didn't get much feedback so I stopped making them. I may put together a few more now that I know you're interested. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

  2. I just bought your Christmas confetti Saturday. I used it to cut out confetti for a Sunday School project. It was so cute and the kids (and adults) loved it! It was so easy to get off the mat once I found a make-shift scraper! Confetti is so fun and way underused. :o)


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