Spiders and bats? where??

Hello friends!! Ruthie here! Before I go on with my post and since this is my last post at SnapDragon Snippets Blog as a Creative Member, I want to thank Mike and Gaby for trusting in me, in my talent. I enjoyed working with you and your files!! I cannot find word to describe what I feel while I´m writing my post, just a big thank you with all my heart! 

For this post I made some bats using the file bat flourish and spiders using the file slice form spider

My daughter Andrea likes spiders (I really don´t know why), so I thought in making spiders to decorate the house for this upcoming Halloween.

Here you can see all of them!

Other view! 

A close up of the spider slice form spider!

ad the bat flourish.

 Hope you liked and have enjoyed all the projects we the Creative Members did for your inspiration!!

You still have time to enter in our Fall Contest!!

See you !! Ruthie

Files used:


  1. How fun! !! Love those spiders!!! Made me think back when I got my cticut I had cut alot of snowflakes and I hang them from the ceiling.

  2. Super cool, lots of fun especially walking around at night.


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