3D Rose & Tulip Tutorial

The Rose and Tulip have a lot of similarities.   Start with the largest petal ring first and insert the tabs into the  hole on the adjacent petal forming a bowl.

This picture shows the different sets of petals for the rose.

The piece above is the stem.  Form it by rolling the rectangle part shown on the right up above.    The goal here is to form a tight roll so you may have to roll it a few times.  The long thin part to the left is kept straight.

Once rolled tightly.  Check the hole on the petals  to make sure that the stem fits into the hole.  Once rolled glue in place.

Fold the long piece along the dotted lines.

Form a tri-fold which will be the top part of the stem and hold the petals down.

Insert stem through the smallest petals.  Ensure the tri-fold is on the inside.  

Insert other petals onto the stem from smallest to largest.

Form base cone, by curling it then gluing the edge that overlaps.  Be sure to  the gap at the tip of the cone to insert the  stem.

Slide base onto the stem and press up against the petals.

Add leaves by gluing the base of the leave onto the stem.   Once attached fold down.


  1. Kenzie, I purchased the 3D rose pattern from Silhouette and have just cut it out. I came to your blog to read the tutorial and want to know if the directions can be printed out. Please let me know.

  2. So pretty and easy to do! This would be a perfect Spring craft!


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