Need your help!

Okay, I need your input. I originally had the first part of the alphabet designed like this photo.

Then I thought it would be nice to have the alphabet as an actually box. After a few people commented that they had trouble putting the 3D letter "B" together, I thought I'd go back to my original versions. All week I've been flip flopping back and forth, trying to decide what really to do. Of coarse, I probably should have just asked for everyone's input from the beginning.

So my question is, would you like the 3d alphabet the way it has been or like my photo; where you have a base and lid? Let me know so I can get these to the store ASAP. Thank for all you support!



  1. oooooooooooooh! I LOVE the 2 piece design!! I haven't tried the original yet but would prefer the 2pc I think - more fun to fill with goodies!

    Your brain still amazes me, lol!

  2. ok, I tried making the B today. ohgosh tricky, yes! But still super amazing! LOVE it!!
    I do think a 2pc box would be easier though so my vote remains unchanged, lol!!

  3. My vote is for separate box and cover.... Very creative by the way! :-)

  4. Sorry I didn't see this until now...I would like the lid and base 2 pieces...easier to fill with goodies!


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