Okay, I'm slowly making my way through this crazy week! One speech therapy evaluation out of the way, one more to go, scouts for the week is over and our last week of preschool! So sad, they love preschool and their teacher was such joy and wonderful woman. I think I finally got the rest worked out today for preschool next year. No dentist appointments made yet, bummer...and I'm not sure the my b'day celebration is going to happen at all. Even more of a bummer. But, I finally feel a little more in control today than I have. So, here's hoping this feeling of control sticks for at least a little while!



  1. Sending you 'hang in there' {hugs}!!
    And happy birthday!

    1. Oh, Denni! Your comments always cheer me up. What would I do without a great blog friend like you! Thanks again!


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