Winners and a Apple Shaker Card Tip

Thank you so much to all who visited and left us such sweet and kind comments on our joint Back To School Blog Hop!

The winner of the $30 gift certificate to our sister store SVG Attic is AngieB02
The winner of the $20 gift certificate goes to Jill Beatte

Once again thank you for joining us.  Make sure you send an email with your information to info at svgattic dot com

Before you leave I have a couple of tips on how I converted the apple to a shaker.

These are the pieces you get whether you purchase the September Dozen Square Quilt Block or the Teacher Appreciation Box Card.
I duplicated and colored the pieces for demonstration purposes (and because I like to color mine :))

Next make a duplicate of the above red piece, select it and either click the "release compound path" or Ctrl+Shift+E
Following move either part to the side and create an offset of the smaller or inner part.  I automatically got an offset of .125 which it fit perfect, but I reduced to .120
Here you can see all the parts.  Delete the bottom two red pieces (you won't need them). I colored the part I will be cutting off with clear film in light blue for demonstration purposes.
You can now put your apple shaker together using 3D foam between the red part after adhering the clear film to the base (white) part.
If you do not have thin 3D foam adhesive, you can cut several of the red parts to give you the height or depth. 
Last tip:  I like flipping my pieces to cut as many pieces out of my paper... I am crafty like that ;(

Hope you enjoyed.

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