Cake box surprise box tutorial

 Hello, this is Ruthie and today I will show you how to assemble the Cake Box Surprise. This is how the file will look at your computer screen.
I started with the lid. Fold all the tabs and identify the parts of the lid. On the white part add adhesive and fold up on each one.
It will look like this. Add glue to the side tabs and adhere them to make the box.
 Add glue to the tabs to adhere square piece on the top. See the picture below.

Add adhesive to this part (with the square in the center) and put it inside to cover the tabs. Your are going to make the same step with the base. 
The adhere the pattern paper to the lid. Cover the 5 sides of the box.

Insert the tabs of the square pieces and glue down the tabs. 
Do the same on each side to make the box. And add adhesive to the bottom part and fold it up.
Add glue to all the tabs and put this two pieces together. Make sure that the folded part goes up. On the bottom you will have 4 tabs, which makes the bottom part of the box. In this step you can glue the bottom pieces; the square one and the one with the square in the center. It´s going to be a little tricky but with a little patience you can make it.
Add glue to the tabs and secure them. 
And here it is! 
A lovely box to put a cake pop, lollipop, rose, or anything you like inside as a surprise!  I regret not having a cake pop when I finished the tutorial.
The post seems a little bit long but I wanted to cover the most of the steps and make it easy for you.


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