Basic 3D Letter Box Instructions

Here's a quick explanation of how to put the Letter "K" box together. A better tutorial is coming, but for now, I hope this will help answer some questions. If you are putting together a letter other than the "K", please read through this, as most of it will apply to you as well.

When you bring your file in, zoom out until you can see all the shapes. 

I've divided it into four sections that are labeled: "Accent shapes for lid", "shapes for lid", "Accent shapes for base" and "shapes for base". I would ungroup them and set aside the accents for both the lid and the base. I cut all the lid and base shapes from the same solid colored cardstock. 

  1. First, work with just the base shapes. Do you see the little circle, square and triangle shapes that are on the end tabs of each shape? (I don't think the shapes are included in the first couple of letters and the actual shapes to help might also be a heart, or a diamond or some other small shape.) These are there to help you know what attaches to what. Make one long strip with the three tabbed strips by matching the shapes up. (Number of strips differs from letter to letter.) 
  2. After you have done that, find the long side that matches the long side of the "K" and attach it to the edge of your "base K shape". Then work your way around the letter attaching the tabs to the base "K" shape. 

Repeat the above with the Lid shapes. 

  1. The accent pieces correspond to the strips. So the column of accent pieces for the lid on the left, correspond to the lid strip that has a circle on one end and a triangle on the other. The middle column of lid accent pieces correspond with the rectangle/circle lid strip, and finally, the right column of lid accents go with the rectangle/triangle strip.
  2. Center the accent that corresponds to it's plain on the box. These are optional. You can use all or just a few. If you see the "SPOOKY" that was featured on Silhouette's blog by Jodi G. Warner you'll notice that she only used the front accents. The photos in Silhouette's store of the letters uses every accent. It's up to you. 

*Word of Advice: Try making it out of type paper first. When I create the prototypes, I scribble on one side of type paper so I know what is the right and wrong side. Once you do one, you'll have the hang of the other letters. 

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