Long time...

It's been quite awhile since I've been to my blog. I am going to try to catch up. I have a list of tutorials to create about a mile long. But to start off, I will shortly have the tutorial for the new 3D Doorhanger boxes. Check back later today for that.


  1. Hi Kenzie,

    Cute blog! I just wanted to ask you if the tab hole on the door knob hanger needs to be moved up. When I cut mine out it was a good inch under where it needed to be for the tab to insert into it (I hope that made sense) I had cut out both hanger styles so I'm wondering what went wrong. Thanks for all the fun designs!


  2. Lindsey, Thank you for finding this error. You are correct that it has somehow been moved out of place. The hole should be aligned at the point that the box starts to widen.
    Thanks again!

  3. Welcome back!!!
    We have missed your posts but I have been skoffing up your designs from the Sil site all summer and now that my girls are back in school I can hopefully get back to crafty fun time for me and finally get to use them!


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