Precious, my precious!

Pictures for tips and tutorials of the 3D designs have been taken and I'm working on writing them up. Until then, here's a few of my new designs!
There is also a border to go along with this diamond background.

Also look for Precious Daughter, Son, Grandson, Grandmother, Grandfather, Wife and Husband.

We're going to our petting zoo on Friday. Can't wait to use these for my page!


  1. I have a question for you -- I just purchased your pumpkin design card from Silhouette. Is there a way I can just cut certain parts of the page? It gives me all the faces, pumpkin pieces and the card on one document and I want to cut them individually.


  2. Penny,
    There sure is. I'm only familar with the robo master version. I haven't tried Silhouette's new software yet so I'll tell you the way I do it.
    In the robo master software, select the objects so that they appear blue. Next, RIGHT click on the object. This will bring up a menu. Select "ungroup". Now you should be able to delete anything you don't want or move it off your cutting area. If there are objects you want kept togther, select them, right click, and select "group". I hope that made sense.
    Here's a link to Silhouette's blog post about grouping and ungrouping that was posted in December:
    There is also a very good tutorial on the youtube somewhere by Nichol Magouirk. I think I typed "silhouette sd" into the YouTube search bar to find it.
    Let me know if you have anymore questions.

  3. Can I just chime in here on something? I used to make myself nuts deleting all the pieces I didn't want when there were multiple pieces to a design. I save time now by copying only those pieces I want and pasting them to a new blank document. Hope this helps :-)

  4. Thanks so much guys! This is perfect. Big help!! :)

  5. Great idea Lauren! I love that. I think I'll start doing it your way now.


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