Love through the Grapevine!

New stitching template designs. These aren't available yet but will hopefully be soon! Also, flower stitching templates to come your way very soon.



  1. Awesome!!! Can't wait to get my hands on these :-)
    Any possibility of getting regular cut lines of the leaves or the word "love" to go along with these? What I'd love to do is cut out the word love, apply it, and then stitch around the outside. With the vines, I'd love to have the leaves to add to the stitched vines, and then also stitch around the leaves.
    Thanks so much - keep these coming!

  2. I don't have time today but I'll try to make a link here for you to download the cut file of "love" and leaves for free. The only thing is they won't be able to go directly into your library. It'll be a GSD file. Check back tomorrow.

  3. That would be great! Thanks so much! I'm good with how to use a .GSD file, so that won't be a problem. You are toooo sweet :-)


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