A little Spanish, Dutch and everything else

So I'm getting these posted a lot later than I had intended. My little girl turned one today so we've had a little celebrating going on. This little angel has really been with us an entire year, wow. Amazing how fast time can fly by you.

Okay, so here are two that will be available soon. First is a fun alphabet border, Second is one that I did back at Christmas time and some how it was never submitted. I had originally done it as a candy cane kind of design, but looking at it now, it looks a little like a barcode. Hope you enjoy these two!

So here are a few that you can purchase now.
 I try to do a variety of everything so that everyone has at least one thing they like. Here are a few non-USA, non-english stuff, since Silhouette isn't just for those of us in the USA. I hope you enjoy them. I've enjoyed researching other countries and cultures as I've worked on these. I've been out of school for quite awhile now, but I sure do enjoy the research I do for my designs. Kind of funny how much I enjoy learning now that I don't "have" to do it. :)

 Don't forget to check back tomorrow! I'm hoping I will have my surprise ready for you! :)


  1. Love the alphabet border - so cute! Perfect for a school page :-)
    And can I say just how much I LOVE the stitching templates??? You ROCK, Girl!!! What a clever idea! I hope we'll see more designs, including single design elements (e.g. flourishes and flowers) and frames. These are sooooo awesome. I have been dying to try some stitching, but didn't want to shell out for those plastic templates.
    I also think it's great that you're doing some non-U.S. stuff. We definitely need more int'l, both for people in other countries, and for people celebrating family heritage and travel.
    Thanks so much for all of your wonderful designs - you make having this "toy" so much fun!!!

  2. Lauren, You found them before I even announced them! Nice work! I thought for sure, it would take longer for them to show up in the store. Glad you like them as much as I do. I have lots more already designed. If my kids will allow me to work today, hopefully they'll be available for purchase early next week.


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