More "spacey" designs

Alright, I got a bit carried away with these next planets, so they seem little bit more complicated. They're not to bad. Jupiter may be a little confusing when you go to assemble but the others shouldn't be. I can create a demonstration on how to assemble Jupiter if anyone would like it. For now, here are the next ones to come.
If you're in need of something simpler than my designs, there is a great design by Nate Jenne. Here's a thumbnail and the link:

If you prefer "Print & Cut" designs, all the planets I've designed also come in a "Print&Cut" version.

Now, here's something new I'm going to start. I thought I'd show you one old design everytime in case you may have missed it.
Today's "Dig through the Vault" is a collection. Each of these "Hollywood" or movie designs is available in the Silhouette store.



  1. I love your use of layers! The spacey items are "out of this world!"

  2. I love these, I was wondering if you planned on making a moon or sun one? I am putting together a wall for my kids friend and he is using the space theme.

  3. Amy, I hadn't thought of it but that's a great idea. Would you prefer them as print and cut or regular cut?


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