3D ghost, bat, spider tips and tricks tutorial

The 3D Ghost, Spider and Bat are created in basically the same way as the 3D pumpkin. Here's the link to the 3D pumpkin tutorial:

3D Ghost tips and tricks:
1. The Ghost is a little trickier than the pumpkin, bat or spider. There are two ways to place the rings on:
      Option A. Place bottom ring on from the bottom. You will have to curl all four layers a bit more to fit it over the wide bottom. TIP: I find that if I place one side in it's notch and then curve all four layers, I can slide it over the bottom a bit easier.
      Option B. Place bottom ring on from the top. You will have to curve the paper enough that the arms slide through the hole, but you won't have to curl all four layers as much. TIP: When doing it this way, slide the bottom ring into one of the top slots, then ease the opposite arm through, and finally, slide the last arm through, fitting the lower ring into the lower slots like the photos here:

3D Ghost tips and tricks:
After assembled like the pumpkin, bend the eyes up or down. You can create contrast by pasting another cutout of the eyes over the top or coloring the eyes. Here's an example of contrasting eyes:

Good luck and Enjoy!


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  2. I am looking for the instructions for the 3D spider as I have purchased the file but cannot work out how to put it together. Hope you can help.


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