3D tutorials

There have been questions about tutorials for all the 3D designs I've done. I will provide you with one for each design and will post them ASAP. I do have 4 children under the age of 4 with the youngest a 1 and half months old for those who are new to my blog. Shouldn't be an excuse but I'm using it. So please be patient with me. Thanks for visiting! Your comments and suggestions are welcome!


  1. You'd have to commit me if I had 4 under 4! By all means use that excuse! LOL! I can't get anything done with just 1!

    Love your designs, and def worth the wait for assembly tips and tricks. ;)

  2. Just saw the goat and pig - awesome, awesome, awesome!!! I'd LOVE to see a dairy cow (Holstein - have a half-finished page that I can't find the right cow for,) a turkey (great for Thanksgiving, but our petting zoo has some too) and a buffalo/bison (also at our petting zoo - it's a pretty amazing place!)
    You rock girl!!! I don't know how you manage to do so much, AND be so creative with 4 little ones!!!

  3. I love love love your 3d designs! I made the halloween ones for my husband to take to work for a meeting. He liked them so much, he kept them there. Thank you!!

  4. Hello!!! I just got my Cameo and bought your the (Lego) Brick designs and have no idea how to use them. Do you have a tutorial/instruction on how to use them?



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