Pumpkins and trains, chuga-chuga, chuga-chuga, choo-choo!

Here's a fun picture of our pumpkins from last year that I found while trying to find the right pics to create a page. Thought I'd share. Don't they look crazy!

To create something similar to this, trace your design or poke your design into your pumpkin. Next scrap away portions to make your design. Don't carve all the way through the shell, you only want the shell to be thin in the places you want the light to show through. Example, My husband scraped away at the "fire" area, the skulls eyes, nose and mouth but left the rest of the skull as is.
This is a great way to create designs that have inner shapes like my "UNION PACIFIC" text. You'd never be able to do that with actual carving.
Oh, and if you're looking for the locomotive shape, check out my portfolio or search "modern locomotive" in the Silhouette Online Store. (Can't sell the Union Pacific logo though, sorry, it's a copyrighted image.)

Speaking of trains, if you're looking for a christmas gift for children and you would like to do something creative, why not make them their own train map. Last year I created these train track segments along with buildings and scenery. (There is more in the store than I'm showing here.)



With my husband working for Union Pacific Railroad here in California, my kids have come to recognize the sound of the train. It's a lot of fun to hear them say "It's daddy's choo choo" everytime they hear the horn blow or drive past the railyard. We'll be participating in the "Polar Express" train here in Sacramento for the first time this year too. Should be a lot of fun. Aren't the holidays great!

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