Luck o' the Irish! Tuts and Inspiration

Oh do I ever love St. Patrick's day. There is something just so rich about all those different shades of green that make up the holiday. And with a last name of Daley, or as we like to say it this time of year "O'Daley", ya gotta love it!
I've posted in the past about the fun traditions that were passed on from my husbands family in regards to the green holiday, but of coarse, my wonderful mom has captured the magic of it in her most recent post on her blog. Every year, the little feet suddenly appear on our walls and all through the house. Here is the link if you'd like to cut your own sets of little green feet with your Silhouette die cutting machine.

 Hop on over and check out Jodi's blog post!

So, to go along with the luck of the Irish, why not a pot of gold box?! Now this is kind of a complicated box to assemble. Well the lid at least. I really wanted a thicker lip along the rim of the pot, so I convinced Mike to add that to the design. The only thing is, the space along the rim is tight and you will most definitely need a popsicle stick or similar to be sure your seams are attached. Doesn't make sense right now? Well, read over the tutorial before you start and hopefully it will.

After cutting the pot o' gold box out of cardstock, you should have a group of tabbed strips, a tabbed hexagon and a sun looking shape. The first two make up the base and the sun shape is for the lid.

Bend all the sides in towards the good side of paper. For example, if you are using a printed cardstock, bend in toward the side that you will want to show.

We will name the tabs on each "ray" starting from the center to the outside edge.
The tab closest to the center is "A", the next one out is "B" and so on with the furthest from the center being "E". 

Bend two tabs up and glue tab A.  Glue all of tab A  (note- If  you glue every other tab it gives time for the last tab to dry while not putting stress on the bond).

Flip upside down.

Fold back the opposite direction.

Align Tab B and glue.  (note- as with before if you glue every other first it is easier to assemble)

After gluing tab B fold down.

Glue Tab C on the inside.  A Popsicle stick works best to hold the tab down.  Use your other hand to push down from the top. 

Repeat around until all of tab C is glued.

Glue tab D.  The Popsicle stick works well to apply pressure.  As with above glue every other first for ease of assembly.

Complete the lid by gluing Tab E.  

Bend all of the side pieces so that they are all shaped the same.  The Tab should face the right when  facing outward.  Glue each side piece to the center hexagon.  Ensure that al pieces are facing the same way or the tabs will not work.

Once glued, flip over and pull down to form the the basic pot

As with the lid.  Glue tab A (closest to the center). with the tab on the inside.

Glue all of Tab B then glue all of Tab C.

Fill the pot with anything you want.

Apply top.

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