3D woven baskets tutorial


This tutorial shows how to assemble the woven 3D baskets from Snapdragon Snippets. The digital dies can be found in the Silhouette online store in .studio form or at www.snapdragonsnippets.com in .svg form.

In this tutorial I'll walk you through the single handled basket, but the double handled basket is basically the same.
This is how I set up my cut files. The basket body I cut from a dark blue. This includes the 6 side pieces (squished hexagons), the handle strip (rectangle), and the base of the basket (hexagon with 6 tabs).
 Weaving the sides

Choose one of the squished hexagons. Locate the side with all the slashes in it. 
To weave the strips through easier, I pushed the vertical "threads" out a little.

When weaving, I suggest not removing the strips from your mat. The reason, that's a lot of little strips and it could get really confusing which one to use next if they're just in a big pile. I keep them on the mat and take one strip off at a time. 

Take the largest strip of the first set of strips. Weave it through the two slits closest to the middle as shown below. 

When I created this die cut, I purposely made it to hang slightly hang over the edge on both sides to cover the seems between each section. If this bugs you, trim it down. 
Take the next longest strip of the first set and weave it through the next three "threads" down as shown below.


Repeat all the way down. When you're inserting the last strip, be cautious. I ripped through the bottom of one of my sections.

Once you've weaved all six sections, crease each one in half. There are a couple different creases to make.
#1: the plain squished hexagon - just fold in half.

#2: Handled squished hexagon Single handled basket - fold in half except for middle nob. (See photos below)
Double handled basket - fold in half except for handles. 

 #3: Squished hexagon with side tabs - fold both tabs towards inside

 #4: Handled squished hexagon  - fold all tabs toward inside

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  1. This looks like fun to make!! I will have to try it and post it to your FB page once I get it completed.


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