3D manger tutorial

Silhouette has the wrong file for this box, so if you are in desperate need of this, please send me an email titled "3D Manger" to snapdragonsnippets(at)gmail(.dot)com and I will send you back the correct file.

*One note I meant to type out. The first photo shows that one "x" is shorter than the other. When laid out flat like in the second photo, the larger "x" connects to the middle piece. This is allows the shorter "x" to tuck up inside the other in later steps.


  1. Hello, I just purchased this file. Could you please tell me whether the box is correct. Otherwise I would appreciate if you could send it to me.
    thank you, I love your designs♥

  2. I am new to Silhouette and have made several of your card right out of the box...Your designs are AMAZING!


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