3D paper watering can tutorial

This tutorial shows how to assemble the 3D Watering Can from Snapdragon Snippets. The digital die can be found in the Silhouette online store in .studio form or at www.snapdragonsnippets.com in .svg form.

The cuts shown above are the main body of the watering can.  There are other shapes in your file which are  the optional accents.

To start take the two shapes shown above and crease inwards.

Adhere the smaller rectangle to the bottom tab of the watering can sides as shown above.

Glue the sides to the base.  Using a Popsicle stick you can apply equal pressure to the tab. 

Glue up the sides to complete the box part of the watering can.

Create the spout, by bending the spout and inserting the tabs through the circle piece with the slits.
Then bend them flat.

Glue the plain circle on top of the spout assembly.

Adhere the accent shape to the spout.

IMPORTANT!Glue the front accent piece lining up the rear spout holes before connecting the spout to the can.

Adhere the rest of the accent pieces as shown above.

Insert the tabs from the spout into the front of the can and glue the tabs down.

Glue the accent piece onto the handle.  Then attach the long handle to the small  hexagon at  rear of the box as shown above.

Bend down the handle and glue the tab flat.

Fold down the tabs on the splash guard in the front into the  watering can.

Glue the accent piece to the small handle then attach the smaller handle into the watering can to form the top handle.
And you are finished! 


  1. The *ONLY* thing I did differently on my watering can was that in the back of the watering can, I put the solid piece of the handle at the bottom of the back part, then covered up the (solid) tab with the patterned piece that goes on the back of the can.

    Also, thank you for emphasizing to glue the front piece of patterned paper (with the 3 slits) BEFORE attaching the spout!!! Luckily, my glue was still damp enough for me to take off the spout and fix my boo-boo!

    I love my watering can, and everyone who sees it, just giggles coz it's so darn cute!! ;-)

  2. Thanks for sharing your wonderful imagination and creativity. This is a very clever shape and so lovely for Spring crafting. I embellished the front of the pair of my watering cans used in a swag with the faux stitched daisy cut file from Snapdragon Snippets. You can see my project using the watering can design at needlesnknowledge.blogspot.com


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