3D Candy Corn Box Tutorial

This is the tutorial for assembling the 3D Candy Corn box by Snapdragon Snippets. You can find the .studio file in the Silhouette Online Store.

When you receive your file, we will have 4 strips and 4 candy corn shapes. All four candy corn shapes are slightly different sizes. Stack all 4 together, with the smallest on top going down to the largest. The two smallest are the two that we will use first. We will be adhering the strips to these two shapes.
I've labeled the first two pieces we will using as "main top & main base".  (the smallest of the candy corns)
The two thick strips are for the base and the two thin strips are for the lid.

 To assemble the base, adhere one end tab of the thick strip to the other thick strip. Both strips are symmetrical so it is not important which end.
Glue thick strips together.

I like to curl my paper when going around curves to prevent creases. There are three spots once the strips are attached to each other that have smaller tabs. Each of these spots are a "corner" of the candy corn. These are the three spots that I curled.
Curl paper like a ribbon where the smaller tabs appear.

Take the SMALLEST candy corn shape. Find the 6 smaller tabs of the strip that does not have end-tabs. In the photo below, it would be the thick strip similar to the strip on the far left.
Arrow is pointing to 6 smaller strips we will be talking about.

 Adhere the top point of the SMALLEST candy corn shape to the middle of the 6 small tabs discussed earlier. Be sure to line the sides up as close as possible! Otherwise, the strips may not fit around the candy corn just right.
Glue small tabs to top point of smallest candy corn.
 Continue around, adhering group of tabs along the way. Smaller tabs should line up around corner.
Glue left side of tabs.

Continue around candy corn.

Adhere end tab and rest of smaller tabs to finish  base.
Repeat above steps for the lid.

Once finished assembling, you can add the optional extra candy corn shapes. The smaller leftover candy corn shape is for the base while the largest is for the lid. Simply apply adhesive on outside of box as shown for both base and lid. Press the accents on centered. This will give your box the overhang and make opening a little easier.
Apply adhesive to ouside of bottom and top of box if you'd like to use the accents. Other wise, skip to end. 

Largest candy corn shapes give an overhang on top and bottom and make opening a bit easier!

Finally, apply white, orange and yellow shapes and if you'd like to jazz it up a bit more, I've included ric-rac pieces to go around the lid.
Apply finishing touches, and your done!

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  1. so glad I came here, I had the jest of putting these together but now I will be able to put them together as intended LOL Thanks! Love the box by the way.


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