3D pilgrim hat tutorial

This tutorial is for assembly of the 3D pilgrim hat box die cut that can be found on the Silhouette Online Store. 
These are the shapes that you will have in your file. I cut the lid, base and brim out of black cardstock. The belt around the lower part of the hat, I cut from a dark gray cardstock and the buckle was cut from goldenrod yellow.

First, all fold lines fold in toward the wrong side of the paper. Above is  about what your lid will look like when all folds fold in. I prefer to crease all folds before I start assembling.

I then applied a liquid adhesive to all the tabs. 

And then careful worked my way around the hexagon attaching the sides of the lid.

When finished, your lid should look like this.

Next, attach the tab on the base to the other end to form a hexagon as shown. All tabs should be bent inward.

I place the base inside the lid to help it keep it's form as I attach it to the brim.

Next, apply your adhesive to the tabs.

And carefully, center it on the brim. 

Press down gently on the top to be sure that  the base is sticking.

Carefully tug off the lid.
*Sometimes, I have to hold the base down with my fingernail on a corner while I tug on the top.  (If you notice the front left corner of my base in the photo has a slight crease at the bottom. This isn't noticable when your finished though.)

Reach your fingers in and press on the tabs to be sure they are secure to the brim.

Create another hexagon shape with the belt by glueing end to end.

Apply buckle to belt with a little adhesive.

Slip the belt over the lid and your finished!
Now fill with goodies and you have the perfect Thanksgiving party favor!


  1. This is so cute! I can't wait for it to show up in the store!

  2. Great design. Got this one done right on time!

  3. I would love to purchase this cutting file as an SVG. I do not own a Silhouette, though, but I have Sure Cuts A Lot. Will the file work?


  4. Hi Tia, I'm sorry, but the pilgrim hat is exclusively for the Silhouette right now. It may be available as an .svg in the future.


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