What is it?! Giveaways!

I've been busy, busy, busy! And what have I been busy doing?! Why working on 3D fun for my Silhouette friends! I have a little preview of a piece of one of the designs I've been working on. You are either going to get it right away or have no clue, I think. This one might be very tricky to guess. So here it is...

Can you guess what this little black piece goes to?

How many of you like quilting, sewing or would like to learn? My wonderful quilting mother has started up a new blog called 

On this blog, she will be posting tips and techniques of quilting. She also will have posts thrown in every once in awhile of creative ways to use my designs. Don't I have the best Mom! 

And to get things going, right now she has 3 quilt giveaways going on! Help her grow her numbers and travel over to her site! Leave a comment and join her site and you could be entered in 2 different quilt giveaways! Get a friend to join and you'll be entered into a third giveaway!

Just click HERE to enter.

Now for those who leave a comment and let her know that I sent you, I'll provide you with a free design! 

So hurry over! Contest ends October 20th.

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  1. This looks like a piece of a corset! Am I right?? LOL


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