Tree Snow Globe - Oops

No good deed goes unpunished...  So I thought I'd be nice by making a two-fer (Two different tree snow globes for one) but I just ended up confusing you guys by not explaining that you can make it with just 3 trees 1 3D and two 2Ds.  Or the Forested one with a total of 1 3D and 6 2Ds.  So thats why many of you have extra pieces.  Below the Dark Blue only has the 3 trees the light blue is the 7 trees. So heres the tutorial.

Slip C onto D starting at the tree ignoring the top part of the snow globe.  Once the the trees are lined up.  Place the top of C into the top of D to line it up. 

Lay C and D flat together.  

 Then line up the tree in E with the joined CD tree.  Once together place the top of E inside of the combined CD top.

 Let CDE flat together. Bend slightly at the verticle axis so that it can go inside of ring A and B.

Place A on the top and B on the bottom (there identical so don't waste any time trying to tell them apart).  Enter all of the into one slot as seen above.   Once you get this set up you can start seperating them to their individual spots. 

Once separated the globe is done and you can set it into the base.

Here's a close up.  One other possible use.  We've placed ours on the tree as ornaments.  They look awesome.  Have fun let me know if you have any questions.


  1. hi- i wondered if you had tips on resizing the 3-d items you design. i'm sure if i was better at math - i could figure it out. you can't select and resize all of the pieces at one time....


  2. there is no reason you can't resize them all at once, either group them all together and then resize by dragging bigger.

  3. WHEW! Just found instruct for tree globe. Happier now. When I found this design I said, "I'll just whip up several as gifts". First one was a disaster, but they are getting better. But I think I will keep production to just a 'few' good friends. Thanks

    1. Hello Shamrocklady! I'm sorry to hear your first few were a disaster, but I'm glad you found the tutorial and that it's getting better. They are a little tricky, but after you get the hang of it, you might be able to whip up a few as gifts. Good luck on the rest!

    2. Kenzie, thanks so much for your encouragement. I have a strange request. All of 'us girls' have southwest design in our homes. Can you design a snowglobe with that in mind. Perhaps a cowboy (or girl) boot? (ashamrocklady)

    3. Your welcome and I will see what I can do!

  4. I downloaded this and it has three extra tree pieces in the pattern. What do you do with those? If they're extra, why waste paper in the design?


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