Sick kiddos and samples coming soon!

Hello all! So I have been trying to get around to showing you some examples with the faux stitches. I had two toddlers throwing up all last night so it might be a few more days. I hat when my kids are sick, I just wish I could take all the troubles aways from them. Poor little guys. Anyways, a few of the surprises I wanted to show you have already popped up in the store, so be sure to check out my latest additions. As always, I'm working on some more fun things for you. Hopefully I'll get a chance soon to give you sneak peaks again! Thanks for reading, and check back soon!


  1. oooh I hope your little ones are feeling better quick, poor babes :( And be sure you don't catch their ick!

    I've been trying to wing it without directions and make the new globe with the trees and I have a question - the file has 6 globe sections, do I need to double up each section? I've got it together with just 3 pieces and it looks fine, just didn't know if I should have doubled them up for some reason.

    Lovin all these 3d designs!! YOU ROCK GIRL!!

  2. Shoot, sorry! Meant to mention that in the design description. It was made to have 2 different options. You can do either a globe with a 7 total trees or just 3. I'll make a post explaining this too.

  3. LOL! The one I made ended up with 5 and it is so amazing! How DOES your brain do that?!! ROFL!
    Now I have to figure out how I can do 3 or 7 options. My DD's bus drivers are going to love these! ;)


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