Be featured here! What can you do with this flourish?

So, I did end up catching what my kiddos had of coarse. But I'm back. And back with your promised freebee from Facebook! Too many flourishes? Nah! You can never have too many flourishes. Oh, the possibilities! Here's the flourish freebee, now let me see what you do with it! Upload your creations to the Daley Designs facebook page, and I'll feature one lucky entry here on the blog! Now a have a week from tomorrow. I'll randomly pick one lucky person next Friday (the 17th) to showcase their creation here! Now get busy my friends!
I'm trying out a new "File Sharing" site. We'll see if this is less complicated and more user friendly than Metafile. Let me know if you have problems. (Click on the picture below to download file!)


  1. Kenzie, I used this gorgeous flourish in a gift I just finished but I don't have a facebook acct and don't know how to upload to your page. I'm gonna put it on my blog tonight so you can see it there even if I can't participate - even my hubby loved the flourish when I cut it out. If you only knew him you would understand how much that means, lol!! Thanks for the beautiful freebie :)

  2. Here's the link to my post - I know it's not on facebook but neither am I so I just wanted to show you even if I'm not participating. :)

    Hope your holidays are great and Happy Happy New Year to you!


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