Faux stitches

So, as requested, I've created some faux stitching design. I'm working on a few ideas to show you the many possibilities. For now, here's a sneak peak at one:

More to come, Enjoy!


  1. Love these! But, as you know, I never like anything without asking for something else ;-)
    Any chance of making some of these with the real stitching lines? I'd love to have the 3 snowflakes, basic shapes, and the artisan shapes with the holes to really stitch around the edges. I'd also love to have the scalloped edge with real stitching holes (as a border.) I don't know how hard this would be for you to do.
    As always - thanks for all your wonderful designs - it's always so much fun to see what you'll come up with next :-)

  2. You make me laugh, Lauren! I would expect nothing less, than to hear more great suggestions from you! The three snowflakes are actually already available as real stitching templates. They are each sold seperately. They are called "stitching templates - snowflake 1", "stitching templates - snowflake 2" & "stitching templates - snowflake 3". I'll try to create basic shapes, but Silhouette won't take anything that is too similar to something already out there, so it might not make it to the store. There are similar borders also already available but I'll see if I can get them out there for you. I will for sure make the artisan shapes. I'm all filled up for this week, so watch for that one next week. I feel like I've rambled...I hope that all made sense. Once again, thanks for your input!

  3. Thanks! I see the stitching templates for the snowflakes - is it possible to make a cutline around the outside of the snowflake? I think they'd make awesome gift tags (probably a lot of work, but then I'd think nothing of taking on madness like that) I guess I'll just have to try one and see. I've done the "offset shapes" thing in the Robo software - haven't tried it in the new Studio software yet.
    Just my 2 cents - since you seem to be only one making these stitching templates, I wouldn't think Silhouette would think they'd be too similar to anything else already on there. I thought about trying to stitch through the "holes" (faux stitches) in the new designs, but I thought the holes might be too large, or too far apart to work.
    Thanks again - I will try to cut out the snowflake and see how it goes!

  4. I already have the outline created from the new faux stitching templates. If you would like, you can send me an email at byuangel514@gmail.com and I'll send the GSD back to you. Or, if you have purchased the faux designs, you can use the outline from them on the Stitching Templates.
    The offset shape might work, but with the design being a bunch of seperate circles, it might not work the way you want it too. All stitching shapes from now on will have the cutline around it, even the borders. I'm slowly getting these templates standardized. Thanks for bearing with me!


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