New Years Martini Tutorial

This is a fun little decoration for any party but I thought it might be fun for new years.  And it's alcohol free!  It can be made with or without the lime so technically there are two of the C pieces.

Optional:  If you want to add a tangy twist glue on the lime first.  Notice there is a cutout to simulate where the glass would be. 
Place C onto D and line up.

Place F onto E and line up.

Then slide CD onto EF.

Lie flat on the table to add the A ring and B disk.

Line up the groove as seen here to help in inserting the ring.

Slide A over the base and up to the slots on the upper part of the glass.

Insert A ring onto one side first
Then slide the ring onto the other side.

Place B into the base while it is still flat.

Now separate the ribs.  I find it easier often to do two at a time.  Then split it from there as shown is these pictures.  Make sure you adjust the top and the bottom symultaniously.

Now separate out the last few ribs into the remaining slots.

Now you're ready to party!

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