"A" my name is...

I am really excited for this new series. I've been working on these for almost a month now. Lots of math involved to get correct curve lengths, but the end result are these fun 3D alphabet letters! Numbers will be coming too. I will be releasing at least 2 a week and in alphabetic order. So watch for these every Monday or Tuesday in the Silhouette Online store.

I hope all you woman whether you have children or not, had a terrific Mother's day! I hope the men in your life treated you well! I woke up to "French pancakes" with strawberries, whipped creme and powdered sugar. Yummm, so good. I did go to my crop last night too, and it was the best gift I could have received! I met some wonderful ladies, and finished a layout! (Minus photos) Watch for these shapes and more in the store this week too. (squiggle border is from Loni Stevens and sun is mine released last May. Search: '2 layer sun'

Here is a sketch of the double page layout too. 


  1. ohmygosh just last week I sent a request to silhouette for 3D letters and numbers!! YOU ROCK!!!!!
    So glad you had a nice mom's day - you certainly deserved it! ;)

  2. I love these 3D alphabet letters! I am having problems with the 'curve' of the letter "B" though the outside curve isn't FITTING correctly on mine!

    I see you have a tutorial in the works for it, so hopefully I will figure it out via that once it's posted.

  3. These boxes are what sent me find your blog. I didn't realize they were brand new and was looking for an "M" and then wondering if the "A" or "B" was a style choice and applied to the whole alpha... LOL I may not always be the sharpest knife in the drawer but hey, now I know. They are GREAT! Looking forward to the rest :-)


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