So it has been almost 4 months since Brookie fell from her second story window. Everyone asks how she is doing, and she is doing well. The most common comment is "she looks so good! Has she completely recovered?" Well, no. It is hard to explain quickly when asked this except to say, we won't see the full effects for awhile.
I have been searching the web for articles about TBI (Traumatic Brain Injuries), but they are hard to find talking specifically about TBI in children. Most have to do with older children too, instead of young ones. I have come across a few though. Of coarse, I have a board on Pinterest specifically for these when I find them.

TBI recovery is a long road. Here's an exerpt from an article I found:

~The cognitive recovery process for children continues over many years as the child’s brain develops and matures. The effects of an earlier injury to any part of the brain may not become fully evident until that area develops and is challenged in the classroom. Changes in learning, executive skills and behavior are among the most common long-term effects of brain injuries among children. For the children with a brain injury, time “reveals” rather than “heals” all wounds. (source: http://www.lapublishing.com/blog/2010/tbi-child-recovery/) ~

We're off to see a developmental pediatric. Hopefully we can better understand the issues that are coming to the surface and how to best deal with them.



  1. Kenzie, thanks so much for the update. Our prayers are with you and your presious girl.

    By the way, I can see in the silohuette store that you have been busy making a lot of wonderful design for us. Thank you so much!

  2. Kenzie, my daughter fell off a top bunk bed right on her head. She was about 2 1/2 years old when it happened. I wasn't home, her father was 'watching' her (ha!)...she is now 21 y.o. and she has had fits of rage...was diagnosed with ADHD, ODD and depression, plus anxiety when she was almost 7 years old. I swear I would have taken her to the ER ASAP, but I found out about it...oh, 8 hours later (I was at work)...and I tend to think that she developed some of these from that drop on the head.

    I wish you good news from the doctors as you face this scary situation.

    1. Thank you for sharing your story. We are experiencing some of what you describe, though she is only 2 herself. I am worried about what may be in future from her head trauma, but knowing there are others out there that have gone through similar situations is a comfort.
      At first I felt so alone in what we were dealing with. So thank you very much.
      She is doing well besides her behavior, so I am grateful for that!


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